The Land Rights Timeline

  • Yirkla People (Bark Petition)

    Yirkla People (Bark Petition)
    historic Australian documents that were the first traditional documents prepared by Indigenous Australians that were recognised by the Australian Parliament, and are thus the first documentary recognition of Indigenous people in Australian law.
  • Wik

    Wik and Thayorre people of Queensland claimed native title over land that was also covered by pastoral leases. Asserting that native title could co-exist with the interests of the pastoral leaseholders, they took their case against the Queensland Government to the High Court. 
  • Tent Embassy Project

    Tent Embassy Project
    The Aboriginal Tent Embassy is a controversial semi-permanent assemblage claiming to represent the political rights of Australian Aborigines. It is made up of a group of activists, signs and tents that reside on the lawn of Old Parliament House in Canberra, the Australian capital
  • Mabo

    In May 1982, Eddie Mabo and four other Meriam people of the Murray Islands in the Torres Strait began action in the High Court of Australia seeking confirmation of their traditional land rights.
  • Native Title Act

    Native Title Act
    Until 1992, Australian law did not recognise that Indigenous people had any rights to land and waters arising from their original ownership under traditional law and custom. The High Court Mabo case changed all of this when it decided in favour of a claim to Murray Island by the Meriam people.
  • The Native Title Ammendment Act

    The Native Title Ammendment Act
    The Native Title Amendment Act 1998 is an Australian native title law created by the John Howard led Liberal Government in response to the 1996 Wik Decision by the High Court of Australia. The Native Title Amendment Act 1998 placed some restrictions on native title claims.$file/NativeTitleAmend1998.pdf
  • Yorta Yorta v Victoria

    Yorta Yorta v Victoria
    Yorta Yorta v Victoria was a native title claim by the Yorta Yorta indigenous people of north central Victoria, Australia which was dismissed by Justice Olney of the Federal Court of Australia in 1998. Appeals to the Full Bench of the Federal Court of Australia in 2001 and the High Court of Australia in 2002 were also dismissed.