The Labor Movement

  • contract

    an agreement between 2 or more people or groups that creates legal obligations between them
  • samuel Gompers

    American labor movement leader
  • American federation of labor

    one of the first federations of labor unions in the united states
  • department of labor

    government group in charge of working in america and unemployment
  • mother jones

    started working
  • collective bargaining

    process of arguements between employers and a group of employees looking to reach and agreement that regulate working conditions
  • emma Goldman

    anarchist known for her public activism
  • eugene debs

    american union leader
  • triangle shirtwaist factory fire

    industrial disaster
  • WWI

    first world war
  • Ludlow massacre

    attack by the colorado national guard on a striking tent colony of strinking coal miners
  • clayton act

    prevented practices that were harmful to consumers
  • adamson act

    established eight hour workday
  • open shop

    where somebody can have a job without joining the union

    one of the largest labor unions in america, mostly female membership
  • IWW

    international union
  • great depression

    economic depression before world war 2
  • yellow dog contract

    employee can choose to not be apart of the labor union
  • davis bacon act

    requirement for paying the prevailing wages on public work projects
  • Norris- LaGuardia act

    banned yellow dog contracts
  • wagner act

    protects the rights of employees in the private sdector
  • CIO

    federation of unions that organized workers in industrial unions in the United States
  • fair labor standard act

    44 hour 7 days a week work week
  • minimum wage

    least amount someone can be paid