The Kerfuffle for Africa (1860-1914)

  • David Livingstone sets out to explore the Congo

  • King Leopold 2 comissions Henry Stanley to buy land in the Congo for Leopold 2

    King Leopold 2 makes reporter Henry Stanley buy land in the Congo. Henry signs treaties and deals with the local cheifs of tribes to get the land.
  • The British army invades Zulu Nation (South Africa) to gain control over their resources

  • The Berlin Conference is held

    This conference was held to divide Africa between 14 European nations.
  • The British finally gain control over Zulu Nation

  • Boers (Dutch Farmers) in South Africa take up arms against the British rule, this is called the Boer War

  • The Belgian government takes Congo out of the posession of Leopold 2

    They did this due to the cruelty Leopold 2 governed the Congo with.
  • The Boer War ends and the British and Boers create one country called the Union of South Africa