Iron giant cover2

The Iron Giant

  • Movie begins

  • Sputnik launched by Soviet Union

    Sputnik launched by Soviet Union
    1. Exposition, Soviet Union launches Sputnik in October 1957.
  • Boat man sees Iron Giant

    Boat man sees Iron Giant
    1. Exposition. Upon crash, the Boat Man sees a Lighthouse (not a Lighthouse, the Iron Giant's light beams), and then the boat is damaged, and the Boat Man gets a close look at the Iron Giant, then the screen cuts off.
  • Object from Outer Space crashes

    Object from Outer Space crashes
    1. Exposition. An Object from space crashes down to Earth.
  • Hogarth Hughes introduced

    Hogarth Hughes introduced
    1. Exposition We meet Hogarth heading into a diner with a squirrel, where his mom is working at. He opens the box, the squirrel takes off and get's up a person's leg which causes a calamity in the diner. We also meet Hogarth's mom, and other characters who will be important in the future.
  • Hogarth meets Giant

    Hogarth meets Giant
    1. Exposition Later that same night, Hogarth goes to the Forest at Night after noticing the power cutting off, he grabs on his battle gear and bb gun. He meets the giant eating electrical pillars at the power plant, and falls and gets stuck and electrocuted by electrical wires, Hogarth quickly shuts the power plant off after noticing a very convenient switch, and then his Mom finds him and takes him back.
  • Train Crash

    Train Crash
    1. Exposition/Rising Action The Giant Starts eating Railroad Tracks (Giant loves eating metal), this causes the Train to crash into him after Hogarth notices and tells him to start fixing the tracks. After the train crash, they run away, and it's discovered that the Giant can self repair (piece together lost parts back into it's body). Hogarth teaches The Giant about Superheroes like Superman.
  • Kent Mansley Introduced

    Kent Mansley Introduced
    1. Exposition/Rising Action After the Train Crash, a Government agent named Kent Mansley comes to town. He speaks to residents about mysterious cases of metal pieces missing with bite marks in them, up to a point where he suspects Hogarth of being behind all the trouble. Kent rents a room in Hogarth's house to keep an eye on him.
  • Giant learns about death

    Giant learns about death
    1. Exposition/Rising Action Hogarth gets away from Kent's prying eyes and takes the Giant to a junkyard ran by Dean who is hesitant at first but agrees to help. Hogarth has fun with the Giant but after seeing a Hunter kill a Deer Hogarth has to explain to the Giant about Death.
  • General Rogard is called

    General Rogard is called
    1. Rising Action Kent Mansley finds a photo of the Giant with Hogarth and calls in the army led by General Rogard, they seek to destroy the Giant. They go to the junkyard. Dean convinces the General that the Giant is an art piece, not real. General Rogard gets extremely angry at the false alarm and scolds Mansley for it. They begin to leave.
  • Giant's defenses activated

    Giant's defenses activated
    1. Rising Action Hogarth continues playing with the Giant, then, at one moment, points a toy laser gun at him, which Giant's sensors detect as a threat, and activates his defenses, which causes him to attack the gun. Dean rescues Hogarth and Scolds the Giant, who then runs away. Dean and Hogarth go after him.
  • Kent Mansley spots the Giant

    Kent Mansley spots the Giant
    1. Rising Action The Giant saves 2 boys who were about to fall off the cliff of a building. The townspeople are happy, but Kent sees him and alerts the army. After Hogarth arrives to town with Dean, the Giant picks him up and runs through town to the middle of nowhere, fleeing the army, and avoiding confrontation.
  • Giant goes absolutely ballistic

    Giant goes absolutely ballistic
    1. Rising Action/Climax After dashing into the woods, the Giant and Hogarth lift off in flight to evade the Army, but a tank shell hits the Giant, sending him flying along with Hogarth. After crash landing, Hogarth is knocked unconscious, the Giant learning about Death, thinks he's dead, and after a Tank Shell hits him, he goes full rage mode, activating his "battle" mode and attacks the army, destroying plenty of objects and possibly killing a lot of people.
  • Hogarth wakes up

    Hogarth wakes up
    1. Climax After the Giant destroys a bunch of the army and the town, the General authorizes nuke launch. Hogarth wakes up, and runs to town. He convinces the Giant to stand down, and convinces the Army the Giant is not a threat. The General is about to cancel the authorization right as Kent Mansley steals the radio and says "Drop it now!"
  • The Iron Giant sacrifices himself

    The Iron Giant sacrifices himself
    1. Climax/Falling Action After ordering the nuke, Mansley tries to run, but is stopped by the Army and Giant, and arrested. The Giant decides to save the town, says goodbye to Hogarth, and flies off to the nuke, stopping the town's destruction, and declaring himself superman.
  • The Aftermath

    The Aftermath
    1. Falling Action/Resolution After the nuke destroys the Giant, the Townspeople erect a memorial of the Iron Giant. Dean and Hogarth's Mom get into a relationship. The General gifts Hogarth a screw from the Giant as a remembrance, since it was the only piece found after the explosion. Later that night, the Screw starts beeping, and sort of asks Hogarth to open the window. Hogarth remembering the Giant can self repair, does so.
  • The Giant rebuilds/The Movie concludes

    The Giant rebuilds/The Movie concludes
    The screw rolls out of Hogarth's window and goes on a journey to Iceland, followed by several other pieces that were most likely scattered across continents, all converging to the Giant's head, stuck in the snow. The move ends as the Giant repairs itself.