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The inventions of microscopes

  • The first compound microscope

    The first compound microscope
    Zacharias Jansen was the creator of the first microscope. all it was, was a tube with a lens. He was about five when he claimed the invention
  • The second microscope

    The second microscope
    The second microscope ever made was created by Robert Hooke. His microscope included an oil lamp, the oil lamp would burn a flame and a magnifying glass would. There was also a microscope looking at the thing lit up
  • The third microscope

    The third microscope
    Anto Von Leeuwenhoek made this microscope and it only used one tiny lens and it could magnify 266 times.
  • The modern compound microscope

    The modern compound microscope
    A German schientist Ernst Abbe and Carl Zeiss made a compound microscope with complex lenses that greatly improve the image
  • transmission electron micorscope

    transmission electron micorscope
    German physicist Ernst Ruska created the first electron microscope,
  • scanning electronic mmicroscope

    scanning electronic mmicroscope
    this machine send electrons over the surface of a specimen
  • scanning tunneling microscope (STM)

    an STM measures electrons that leak or "tunnel" from the surface of the specimen