The Industrial Revolution

By s02638
  • European Settlement established in Australia

  • Coal was first discovered

    Europeans in Australia first discovered coal at the Mouth of the Hunter river by the escaping convict named William Bryant.
  • First coalmine established

  • Governer King established permanent settlement

    Governer King established a permanent settlement at the mouth of the Hunter River, naming it NewCastle.
  • First steam engine arrived in Newcastle

    The first steam engine arrived for the Colony of New South Wales
  • First Paddle steamer in Australia

    The Sophia Jane was the first paddle steamer to regularly operate in Australian waters
  • First attempt at smelting iron and steel

    Near Mittagong, NSW
  • Gold Rush of NSW and Victoria

    Not only bought wealth but also population
  • First Railway in Australia opened in Victoria

    The First Railway in Australia opened in Victoria between Melbourne's Flinder's street station and Port Melbourne, called Sandridge.
  • First Railway in Queensland opened

  • Charles Rasp discovers Tin on Broken Hill

  • Smelting starts at Port Pirie

  • First export of Lead to China

  • Leases are gained for Iron knob & Iron Baron

    iron-ore deposites in South Australia