The Iliad

  • Jan 1, 1200

    Helen and Paris

    1200 B.C.
    This is the date where the queen of Sparta marries the prince of Troy. Helen runs away from sparta when she fell in love with paris. when this happened there where many problems to come. The king of Sparta is related to the king of Greece. when the king of sparta finds out where Helen has gone he becomes angry. he goes to Agamemnon (Ruller of Greece) for help.
  • Jan 5, 1200

    Queen of Sparta is Missing

    At this time the king of Sparta has noticed that the queen of Sparta is missing. he at first he thinks that she was taken by a group of people. when the king of sparta finds out that she ran off to troy he goes to his brother. he convinces the ruller of Greece (brother) the help him get helen back
  • Jan 7, 1200

    Trojan war begins

    the trojan war has begun. the army of Greece has gone across the sea to where troy is located. The Greek army is going to attempt to take controll of troy. this is all because of helen and paris falling inlove. the king of sparta has gone with the greek army to get his wife back
  • Jan 9, 1200

    Agamemnons starts problems

    Agamemnon has taken a girl as a war prize and he loves her. but her father is a high preist for apollo. the preist does everything he can to get her back. he tries to bribe Agamemnon with many gifts. Agamemnon wil not give her back.
  • Jan 10, 1200

    Apollo Raining Arrows

    The high preist prays to apollo to kill the men of the greek army. this is because Agamemnon will not give is daughter back. he has done everything that he can. apollo now punishes the greek army. apollp rains down arrows of plague, and has killed many greek soldiers.
  • Jan 12, 1200


    Achilles is the greatest warrior of all the Greek army. He is now arguing with Agamemnon because he willnot give the girl back. Achilles insults Agamemnon many times. Achilles even thinks about killing agamemnon. The Goddess Athena stops achilles from killing agamemnon, she tells him that he will be punished soon.
  • Jan 14, 1200

    Hector Destroying the Greeks

    Hector is the mighty prince of troy begins to destroy the Greek army. Hector and the trojan army begins to defeat many greek forces. Hector during a battle starts to fight a man that looks like achilles. when hector kills this man he finds out that is is his cousin.
  • Jan 15, 1200

    Achilles Revenge

    Achilles find out about the death of his cousin. Achilles decides to go to troy alone to seek revenge. when he arrives to troy he calls for Hector. he comes out and they start to fight. achilles aventually wins the fight. he kills hector in front of all of troy. Achilles drags Hectors body away by a chariot.
  • Jan 17, 1200

    The Trojan Horse

    The Greek horse has decided to make a big wooden trojan horse to show respect to the trojans victory. what the trojans dont know is that the whole thing is a trap. there are many men hidden inside the trojan horse to attack.
  • Jan 17, 1200

    The Destruction of Troy

    The Greeks have been hidden in the trojan horse. they have waited till night to attack. the greek army has jumped out of the trojan horse and started to attack the city of troy. The Greek army finally has destroyed the great city of Troy