The Hunger Games

  • The Reaping

    The Reaping
    The reaping is when the tributes for the next Hunger Games are chosen. Prim's name is drawn and Katniss volunteers. Peeta’s name is drawn. When Effie asks for applause for the new tribute, there is silence. During the one hour that they have to say their goodbyes the baker promises to give Prim and her mother some food. Gale also promises to help feed them. Then Katniss and Peeta get on the train on their way to the Capitol.
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    The Hunger Games(Book)

  • The Opening Ceremonies

    The Opening Ceremonies
    Katniss and Peeta arrive in the Capitol and meet their stylists. Katniss’s is Cinna. The tributes from District 12 usually have horrible outfits since District 12’s culture is centered around coal mining, but this year is different. Katniss and Peeta are lit on fire. They hold hands during the ceremony. These two factors contribute to the crowd’s immediate love for them.
  • Private Sessions with the Gamemakers

    Private Sessions with the Gamemakers
    On the third training day the tributes each have a private session with the Gamemakers. When they don't pay her any attention Katniss shoots an arrow at the roast pig. This earns her an 11, the highest score this year.
  • The Interviews

    The Interviews
    The first 11 interviews are fairly uneventful. Except for when they talk about volunteering to save Prim, Katniss seems shallow and stupid. Then it’s Peeta’s turn. He jokes around with Caesar and seems at ease until he is asked about having a girlfriend. He says that he doesn’t have a girlfriend, but he likes someone and that winning won’t help because she came here with him. The whole of Panem now thinks of them as star-crossed lovers.
  • The First Day of the Games

    The First Day of the Games
    The tributes wake up early so that they can take a hovercraft ride to the Arena. When they are saying their goodbyes Haymitch tells them to avoid the Cornucopia at all costs, just distance yourself from everyone and find a source of water. The tributes are raised up on the platforms around the Cornucopia, and when the gong sounds Katniss picks up a loaf of bread, a sheet of plastic and an orange backpack. Katniss spends the rest of the day traversing through the woods trying to find water. She s
  • The Second Day of the Games

    The Second Day of the Games
    Katniss wakes up when the Careers ambush a girl who lit a fire. They kill her, and it turns out that Peeta has joined them. Katniss hears this from her tree. Once they leave she spends the rest of the day looking for water, unsuccessfully. She sleeps in a tree again. Only that girl died today.
  • The Fourth Day of the Games

    The Fourth Day of the Games
    Katniss wakes to a downpour of fire created by the Gamemakers. Katniss is badly burned when the onslaught ceases, but is well enough to climb a tree to escape the Careers when they find her. Two of them try to follow but are too heavy. Peeta suggests camping there for the night because Katniss can’t go anywhere. She makes her bed in the tree and notices a pair of eyes staring at her, they belong to Rue, who points out a tracker jacker nest. Katniss starts to saw of the branch that holds it up.
  • The Fifth Day of the Games

    The Fifth Day of the Games
    Katniss wakes up at dawn and finishes sawing off the branch with the tracker jacker nest. Most of them attack the Careers, but three sting Katniss. She takes the bow and arrows from Glimmer’s dead body. Peeta sees her and tells her to run, but Cato comes back and tries to kill them. Katniss escapes and falls into a pit, where she sleeps out the venom and hallucinations.
  • The Seventh Day of the Games

    The Seventh Day of the Games
    When Katniss wakes up almost two days have past. She only knows this because Rue tells her. They become allies. Rue shows Katniss that what she thought to be sunglasses are actually night vision goggles. Rue knows a lot about the Careers and their camp, so Katniss decides that they will need to make an offensive plan. Two people died from the tracker jacker attack, and none have died since then.
  • The Eighth Day of the Games

    The Eighth Day of the Games
    Rue and Katniss formulate a plan. Rue will light three distraction fires while Katniss gets rid of the food. “Foxface” tips her off about the land mines around the supplies by her actions when she steals some food. Katniss then uses three arrows to rip open a bag with apples in it which sets off the mines. Since she was wounded, she hides in the woods. She has gone deaf in her left ear and temporarily deaf in her right. She spends the night in the woods by the Careers’ camp. One boy died.
  • The Ninth Day of the Games

    The Ninth Day of the Games
    Katniss travels to the rendezvous point but can’t find Rue. When she does find her, she has been stabbed and is dying. Katniss kills her murderer, sings to her, and covers her in flowers to honor her. Katniss receives a gift of bread from District 11.
  • The Tenth Day of the Games

    The Tenth Day of the Games
    Claudius Templesmith announces that tributes from the same District can collaborate and both win.
  • The Eleventh Day of the Games

    The Eleventh Day of the Games
    Katniss finds Peeta camouflage in the river bank and badly wounded. He has blood poisoning. They find a cave and hide there. For several days with Haymitch sending occasional food.
  • The Thriteenth Day of the Games

    The Thriteenth Day of the Games
    Claudius announces a feast where there will be something that each District needs. Peeta tells Katniss not to go. Haymitch sends her sleep syrup which she tricks Peet into swallowing so that she can go to the feast. She gets the backpack, but Clove catches her and tries to kill her. Thresh intervenes when Clove says that she killed Rue. Thresh spares Katniss because she and Rue were allies. He steals Cato’s pack. Katniss and Peeta’s pack had medication for Peeta. He starts to heal.
  • The Fifteenth Day of the Games

    When Peeta and Katniss go hunting they find nightlock berries, which are extremely poisonous. They keep some in case they can trick someone into eating them. "Foxface" dies when she steals some of the berries.
  • The Sixteenth Day of the Games

    The Sixteenth Day of the Games
    All of the streams dried overnight, so Peeta and Katniss head to the lake to confront Cato, the only other tribute left. They reach the lake and Cato charges out from the woods, paying them no attention. They see the muttations that were chasing him and follow him to the Cornucopia. The muttations are large canines that each resemble a diferent dead tribute. Cato falls off of the Cornucopia and is attacked by the muttations.
  • The Last Day of the Games

    The muttations didn’t kill Cato, so in the morning Katniss shoots him with her last arrow. Claudius says that they were revoking the previous alteration and that there can only be one winner. Katniss and Peeta decide to simultaneously eat some nightlock berries, but Claudius stops them. They leave the arena.
  • The Final Few Days

    Katniss spends several days in the hospital and Peeta gets a prosthetic leg. The don’t see each other until the showing of the Games. Haymitch tells Katniss that the Capitol is very unhappy about the berries. The interview is hard for Katniss because she has to look like she did what she did purely out of love for Peeta. The next day they take the train home. Katniss tells Peeta that she doesn’t know if she loves him and he is hurt. They still have to pretend for the cameras though.