Jessica & Joanna 's Olympic Timeline

By dgps4b
  • Athens, Greece

    Athens, Greece
    The first modern olympics games.
    No women were allowed to compete in the Olympic Games.
  • Paris ,France

    Paris ,France
    Eleven women were allowed to compete in lawn tennis and golf
  • St.Louis,United states

    St.Louis,United states
  • London,England

    The Americans, at least , got to march with their flag.Finland , then ruled by Russia, could not. Informed they would have to use a Russian flag, the furious Finns elected to march with no flag at all.
  • Stockholm,Sweden

    The medals and records were restored in 1982-29 years after Thorpe's death.
  • Antwerp,Belgium

    The fourth-year cycle of Olympiads -Berlin would have been the sixth-is still counted , however , even though the Games were not played.
  • Paris, France

    Paris, France
    It wasn't just that the '' Flying Fish'' won five gold medals , it was the way he did it.
  • Amsterdam,Holland

    "We are here to represent the greatest country on earth.We did not come here to lose gracefully.
    We came here to win- and win decisively".
  • Los Angelas,USA

    Los Angelas,USA
    Energized by perfect weather and the buoyant atmosphere of the first Olympic Village, the competition was fierce. Sixteen world and Olympic records fell in men's track and field alone.
  • Berlin, Germany

    Berlin, Germany
    The following year, he swept the 100 and 200 meters and long jump at the Olympic Trials and headed for Germany favored to win all three
  • London,England

    The first Games to be shown on home televison.
  • Helsinki,Finland

    Also, Harrison Dillard of the U.S. won the 110-meter hurdles. In 1948, Dillard, the world's best hurdler, failed to qualify for the hurdles and won the 100-meter dash instead.
  • Melbourne,Australia

    The American men won 15 track and field titles, including three golds for sprinter Bobby Morrow and Al Oerter's first victory in the discus.
  • Rome,Italy

    Among the other stars in Rome were barefoot.
    Ethiopian marathoner Abebe Bikila, Australia's Herb Elliott in the 1500 meters , Soviet gymnasts Boris Shakhlin and Larissa Latynina.
  • Tokyo,Japan

    Twelve world and six Olympic records fell in swimming alone, with Americans accounting for 13. Eighteen-year-old Don Schollander led the way, winning two individual and two relay gold medals to become the first swimmer to win four events in one Games. Sharon Stouder collected three golds and a silver for the U.S. women, but the most remarkable performance of all belonged to Australian Dawn Fraser, who won the 100-meter freestyle for the third straight Olympics
  • Mexico City, Mexico

    Mexico City, Mexico
    The Games of the Nineteenth Olympiad were the highest and most controversial ever held.
  • Munich West , Germany

    Munich West , Germany
    On Sept. 5, with six days left in the Games, eight Arab commandos slipped into the Olympic Village, killed two Israeli team members and seized nine others as hostages. Early the next morning, all nine were killed in a shootout between the terrorists and West German police at a military airport.
  • Montreal, Canada

    Montreal, Canada
    When the Games finally got started they were quickly stolen by 14-year-old Romanian gymnast Nadia Comaneci, who scored seven perfect 10s on her way to three gold medals.
  • Moscow, Soviet Union

    Moscow, Soviet Union
    While Soviet gymnast Aleksandr Dityatin became the first athlete to win eight medals in one year, the belle of Montreal, Nadia Comaneci of Romania, returned to win two more gold medals and Cuban heavyweight Teofilo Stevenson became the first boxer to win three golds in the same weight division.
  • Los Angeles, United States

    Los Angeles, United States
    While a record 140 nations did show up, the level of competition was hardly what it might have been had the Soviets and East Germans made the trip. As a result, the United States won a record 83 gold medals in the most lopsided Summer Games since St. Louis 80 years before
  • Seoul,South Korea

    Seoul,South Korea
    Ten days into the Games, Canadian Ben Johnson beat defending champion Carl Lewis in the 100-meter dash with a world record time of 9.79. Two days later, however, Johnson was stripped of his gold medal and sent packing by the IOC when his post-race drug test indicated steroid use
  • Barcelona,Spain

    While Germany competed under one flag for the first time since 1964, 12 nations from the former Soviet Union joined forces one last time as the Unified Team.
  • Atlanta, United States

    Atlanta, United States
    The USA fared well in team sports also. The men's basketball %u201CDream Team%u201D was back and, predictably, stomped the competition on its way back to the winners' podium. Also the U.S. women won gold at the Olympic debut of two sports%u2013softball and soccer.
  • Sydney,Australia

    North and South Korea enter the stadium under one flag.
  • Athens , Greece

    Athens , Greece
    American swimmer Michael Phelps emerged as the face of the games. He tied the Olympic record by winning eight medals, six of them gold. Americans also dominated on the track, sweeping the top three spots in both the men's 200-meter dash and 400-meter dash, with Shawn Crawford and Jeremy Wariner each earning gold, respectively. In the 100-meter dash, Justin Gatlin took home the gold medal with a time of 9.85. He was followed closely by three other competitors also under 10 seconds, making the eve
  • Beijing , China

    Beijing , China
    In April, protests by human rights groups disrupted the Olympic torch progression to Beijing.
    The blue mascot, Beibei represents the fish.Jingjing the black mascoct represents the panda.Huanhuan the red mascoct represents the olympic flame and it is the big brother.Yingying the yellow orange mascoct represents the tibetan antellope.Nini the green mascoct represents the golden swallow.