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The Hunger Games, Suzanne Collins, fiction, 373 pages

  • The hunger games, chapter 1,12 pages, total 320 pages

    Katness wakes upt to find Prim, her little sister, not next to her in bed. She got up and saw Prim was laying in bed with her mom probably because she had a bad dream about the reaping. Katness grabbed her stuff and went out in to the woods to find Gale waiting. The sat and ate bread, goat cheese, and berries but then went and hunted. They went to the market place to buy and sell what they had got from all the hunting. They then went to the majors house to sell him strawberries.
  • The hunger games,chapter 1+2, 21 pages, total 341

    After Gale and Katness go to deliver starberries to the mayors house they both go home to get ready for the reaping. When Katness gets home she gets Prim and herself ready and they go down to the square. Here they call the two names, they call Prim's name and Katness freaks out and volunteers to replace her sister. Then Peets Mallark is called, he once gave Katness some burned bread when she was starving and dying. Then Prim and her mother come and visit and Kattness tells her dhe will try to
  • continued

    win for her. Then the mayors daughter comes in and gives her a mocking jay pin for the games. Peeta's dad then comes and gives her some cookies. Gale comes in last and tells her that he will keep both of their families fed.
  • The hunger games, chapter 3, 13 pages, total 354

    Katness and Peeta go on the train and are amazed to find everything they see. The meet their drunk trainer who has won once from District 12. He vomits every where at the end of the chapter and Peeta has to help him get cleaned up and go to bed.
  • The hunger games, Chapter 4, 13 pages, total 367

    Katness and Peeta actually get a little advise from Haymitch. Katness almost hits his hand with a knife and she also throws a knife across the room. When they are pulling up to the capitol Katness and Peeta both look but only Peeta waves at the people who are amazed to see the train.
  • The hunger games, chapter 6, 18 pages, total 385 pages

    All the districts were put in chariots and the chariots represented there district. District 12's represented coal mining so Cinna used fake fire to put on Peeta and Katniss's black outfits. The croud loved district 12 and were trying to catch Katnisses kissing she was blowing tio inpress people. She was known as the girl on fire. Later when she went home she had some wine which made her feel a little weird. She reconized one of the servants because of the time she was in the woods with Gale.
  • The hunger games, chapter 7 & 8, 11 pages, total 406 pages

    Peeta and Katniss show there skills in training. After that, each tribute gets a special session to show their certain skills to the gamemakers. When Katniss is up she feels weird on the new bow and misses the first shot making the gamemakers turn away laughing. Katniss tries again and hits it right in the heart but no gamemakers saw. Katniss got mad and shot an arrow in the apple that was in the pigs mouth that the gamemakers were eating. This made Katniss get the highest score of 11.
  • Hunger games,chapter 7,10 pages, total 395 pages

    This was about Katniss woke up theday of her first training. First, she went down to eat breakfast to find everyone was already there. They all talking about what there special talent was and Peeta said he didn't have one but Katniss could kill any animal right between the eyes. Katniss said that this was true and thanked her father in her mind for so but then said Peeta was SUPER strong and could throw hunderard pound sacks of flower over his head. They then went down to the training areana.
  • The hunger games, chapter 8 & 9, 12 pages, total 418

    Katniss is known as the girl on fire and Haymitch tries to find a approch for the interviews and while he tries all the approches he can't find one and this makes Katniss mad. She goes to her room and throws a fit and when this happens the redhair girl comes in and katniss yells at her to leave it alone. The girl went and wipped katnisses face and Katniss apoligized for not saving her and the other girl just smiled. The next morning Cinna and his team get her ready for her interview.
  • Th hunger games, Chapter 9 -11, 26 pages, total 444 pages

    The tributes have their interviews and when katniss goes it makes her look that much better. When Peeta went he was being funny and then he told Caesar he liked Katniss. When they got back to their level she pushed Peeta and made him cut himself. Cinna said that was good for her but she thought it made her look weak. Later that night they both coundn't sleep and were on the roof talking. The next day they got up early and got ready for the games. It ends with them on their platforms ready.
  • The hunger games, Chapter 13-14, 22 pages, total 490 pages

    The fire was from the gamemakers and it made Katniss very sick and burning her calf and gave her blisters on her hands. While she was running the group found her so she had to climb a tree to get away. They waited her out and Haymitch sent her medicine for her leg and then Rue pointed out tracher jackers. Katniss cut the nest down on the group but she got stung a few times so it was kinda fuzzy. She got the bow and Peeta told her to run because cato came after her and then she blacked out.
  • The hunger games, chapter 11-12, 23 pages, total 468 pages

    The hunger games started and Katniss runs into the forrest with only one backpack. She eands up napping in a tree and awoken by a fire that a girl started. There is a group of tributes that made a pack and are a killing machine and useing Peeta to find Katniss. Katniss then looks for water and when she finds in she drinks and bathes in it for a long time. She then fell asleep and when she was awaken there was a wall of fire.
  • The hunger games, Chapter 15-16, 26 pages. total 515 pages

    Katniss woke up from the horrible dreams she was having from the trcker jackers and she spotted Rue. Rue ans her ate and talked while Rue fixed the leaves on katniss. Then Katniss thinks of a plan to get rid of the groups food stash. The plan was Rue would light three fires making the group go there while katniss went to the food.They used mockingjays to comunicate. The food was booby trapped so katniss shot a bag of apples making the food blow up and it sent her backwards.
  • The hunger games, Chapter 17-18, 22 pages, total 537 pages

    Katniss has to sit and wait so she wont get caught by cato and the others. When she goes to find Rue she does Rue's tune to the mockingjays but all that comes back is Rue screaming for help. Katniss finds Rue in a net and helps her but Rue yells her name to turn away because the District one boy through a spear. It went right through Rue and Kaniss turned around and shot the boy with an arrow. Rue dies but Katniss puts flowers around her. The gamemakers made a rule change for two winners.
  • The hunger games, Chapter 19-20, 31 pages, total 568 pages

    Katniss goes and looks for Peeta so that she could talk to him about winning and both of them going home. She went down to the river and Peeta had made himself full of camoflage that you couldn't see him. Katniss stepped onhim and thats when they went into a cave and cleaned up and looked at his leg. When they were in the cave they kissed. And the gamemakers had a feast which gave Peeta medicine.
  • The hunger games, Chapter 21-22, 31 pages, total 599

    Katniss drugged Peeta so she could go to the feast to get his medicine. When she went to get her bag Clove tried killing her but Thresh killed her with a rock. He only spared Katniss because of Rue and told her he wouldnt next time though. When katniss got back and gave peeta the medicine he healed by the next morning. Haymitch also sent them a bunch of food to eat.
  • The hunger games, chapter 23-24, 27 pages, total 626 pages

    Katniss and Peeta enjoyed the food for many days and then decied it was time to move ans get going. Then Thresh dies which they didn't know why. Whenthey were out Katniss did the bird call to Peeta and he didnt answer she she got all scared and he killed foxface but didnt know it becaus eof some berries.Then they saw cato and he ran past them because there were many creatures after them.
  • The hunger games, Chapter 25-26, 28 pages, total 654 pages

    The creatures were big muts that looked like each of the fallen tributes. They all climbed to the top of the cornucopia and cado grabbed peeta but katniss shot him in the hand and the muts got him. The speakers then said there could only be one winner so they were both argueing who should die intill katniss had the idea with they both eat the berries and the people stopped them. The docters then cleaned them up and they were on the train to go back home.
  • The hunger games, chapter 27, 14 pages, total 681 pages

    Katniss and Peeta have to go to the capital to do interviews. When there they are replying the part of the hunger games where Katniss and Peeta almost ate the berries together because they only wanted one winner and they wouldn't kill eachother. They held hand as long as they could and they said when they had to let go it was a night mare.