Catching fire

(dz) Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins, fiction ( 496 pages)

  • Chapter 1-2 (pg. 9-27)

    During these chapter Katniss is out in the woods, just getting away to think. when she returns to disterict 12 she goes to wake up Haymitch. he is a hard sleeper and she ends up throwing water on him. When she returns home she is supprised with an unwanted visitor... President Snow.
  • Chapter 2-3 (page 28-42)

    in this chapter the air is really thick with hatred coming from both Katniss and President Snow. He came to tell Katniss that she has everything to loose and cant make any mistakes if she doesn't want to loose her family or Gale and his family. at the end of the chapter he says,"Convince me." He needs everyone to believe that her and Peeta really are in love.
  • Chapter 3-4 (pages 43-62)

    After Gales death is put in the control of Katniss, she desides to figure things out before she tells anyone about what happens. In order to do this she tells her mom that President snow always visits the victors before the tour. She talks to HAymitch about her dilemma. Mariage, its the only way to fix it.
  • Chapter 4-5 (pages 63-86)

    When Katniss and peeta finally get to talk he apologizes to her for how he acted and for shutting her out of his life. when they get to disterict 11 they do not get the welcome they expected. During peeta's speach he adds that he and katniss would like to share month of their winnings with them, for the rest of their lives. Katniss gives her speach and they solute her with the sign from disterict 12. when, they return for katniss's flowers they witness a man murdered for soluting.
  • chapter 5-6 (pages 87- 101)

    Peacekeepers try and push then away so that they won't see what is happening. Haymitch, Katniss, and Peeta go to the dome of the justice building to have a privit talk. peeta finds out about everything that has been going on, and he is not happy that they kept this from him. they begin the fake romances at the dinner hoping President snow will see.
  • Chapter 6-7 (pages 102-119)

    persidwnt snow is already planning their wedding. thwy pkatniss and peeta are at the party talkin to everybody ating like thwy arw having a great time. when katniss danciws wirg a gamesmaker she fi.d out he has a watch with a mockingjay on it.
    total pages 509
  • chapter 7-8 (pages 120- 140)

    Katniss takes Gale to the lake. she is going to tell him about the plan to run away, and about the threat that Snow had made, putting Gale, his family, and her own family in jeopardy. shes is surpised at Gale's reaction to her plan, but soon realizes that it is because he thinks they are "running away" with eachother. He tells Katniss that he loves her, she cant say it back. the emotional roller coaster continues from hurt, to anger, to hope, when he finds out about the uprising in 8. (529)
  • chapter 8-9 (pages 140- 156)

    Gale is a confessed criminal, for hunting. he is eening whipped and is unconcious by the time katniss reaches the square. desparate to stop the whip from hitting him she throughs herself between gale and thresth, the knew peace keeper. because she is a victor they are able to get katniss and gale out of there. they take him to her mom to get treated, katniss has a break down seeing him in pain. at the end of the chapter she desides not to run, and kisses gale! (546)
  • chapter 9- 10 (pages 157-176)

    Katniss has chosen her life with Gale over the one with peeta. her emotion are really mixed up with everything going on and shes not sure what she means when she says she loves Gale. during the couple days being cut off from the rest of 12 the mines where closed along with everyother job. the hob is burned down and thats where alot of people make their living. Katniss escapes for a walk in the wood where she to deep in her own thoughts and doesnt realize shes not alone. (568)
  • Part 2- Chapter 10-11 (pages179- 194)

    katniss is going thw the lake where she meets bonnie and twill. Bonnie and Twill have escaped from district 6 and are headed to 13 where they believe there are people still living. Katniss gives them the food she has packed and listens to their story. she begins her hike back home with her doubts about district 13, but when her reaches the fence it is on and she has to find anoth way in. (583)
  • chapter 11-12 (pages 195-210)

    Katniss finds a near by tree that has a brand hanging over the fence. when she gets up there its about 25 feet off the ground, a risky jump. when she finally makes it home with a boken heel and bruised tailbone, and a couple peace keepers visiting. thresh had sent them to "warn" her about the fence. she was watching the news when she finally knows that what bonniw and twill were saying is true. (598)
  • chapter 12-13 (pages 211-223)

    KAtniss's stylests show up earlier for her wedding photo shoot. convorsating with her stylest gives her an idea of what distrits are rebeling. walking on her just healed foot in heels is not an easy task and it is sore by the tie the photo shoot is over. Prim comes home excited about something that will be on the news, she think it will be the photo shoot. she nds up being right, the people can vote on heir favorite dress and for the quell they will be choosen from the victors. (610)
  • Chapter 13-14 (pages 224-240)

    katniss isnt think, she just lets her body react to what she has just heard. she is running, trying to hide, and ends up in the cellar of one of the empty victor houses. after she calms down she goes to haymitch's house and they drink and talk about keeping peeta alive this time. by the time she gets home she is drunk and unable to stand. once she is back to normal they start training for the hunger games. (626)
  • Chapter14-15 (pages 241-260)

    they are on their way to the capital for the quarter quell.katniss wakes from her bad dream and goes to join peeta to watch the old videos. katniss finds out that the mockingjay pin is madge's aunts that was killed in the hunger gmaes. they watch Haymitch's video and he walks in. hes not angery but hes drinking again.
  • chapter 15-16 (pages 261-277)

    the stylists cry alot around katniss and are told that if they cant control there emotions they will have to leave. cinna makes another amazing dres for katniss to wear. thy want her to look strong and unforgiving. she talks to finnick for the first time. he wants to know katniss's secrets.chaff kisses katniss, fallowed by being in a ellivator with a naked johanna. peeta tells her they are just teasing her, but he was laughing and that upset her. there is a new avox, and hes from 12, darius.
  • Chapter 16-17 pages 278-302)

    all the victors have training today and haymich wants them to make friends with them. they are one of the few there and get started without the others Katniss decides she wants wiress and beetee and mag and peeta wants chaff and seeder. once they return to haymitch they desided they wont team up with anyone. katniss goes in and surprises the game makers in a bad way.
  • Chapter 17-18 (pages 303- 321)

    peeta and katniss have both gone in and been rebels for the others sake and have each been awarded a 12, the highest number to be ranked. when they go to get ready for they interview and cinna presents her with the wedding dress tat is says snow wanted her to wear. all the victors are trying to get the people to fight against the quell and when katniss begins to spin her dress catches on fire and turns into a mockingjay.
  • Part 3- Chapter18-19 (pages 322-339)

    when its peeta turn, he tell everyone that they have already gotten married unofficially and that katniss carries his baby. the crow goes wild and caesar is trying to calm them down and all the victor joy hand on stage, their act of rebelion. before shes in the arena cinna is beaten in front of her and she is unable to help him. water all around them, not a place for a girl on fire.
  • Chapter 19- 20 (pages 339-354)

    she swims out to the cornucopia and get what she needs she is about to fight finnick when he shows her haymitches bracelet. they are a team and he swims out to get petta who cant swim. they get to the island and begin hiking when peeta walks into the force field and dies.
  • Chapter 20 -21 (pages 355- 377)

    finnick is able to revive him and she is confsed as to why he has done that. they make a shelter and sleep there. they are beyoung thristy and reseave there first gift it begins to rain and but the og that fallows it is poisonious and they need to run from it.
  • Chapter 21- 22 (pages 378-394)

    they begin loosing control of ther ebody as they run from the fog. finnick carries peeta and katniss carries mag. she cant carry her anymore and mag runs into the fog to die. they keep going but soon they cant go any farther and the fog receides. they make it to the salt takes the poison out, planful but they begin to get control of their body back. then shrtly after they are attacked by monkeys.
  • Chapter 22-23 (pages 395- 413)

    not finished.
  • chapter 23-24 (pages 414- 431

    not finished
  • Chapter 24- 25 (pages 432- 450)

    not finished
  • Chapter 25-26 (451-466)

    not finished
  • Chapter 26- 27)

    they are finished eating and gettig ready to set up the wire. peeta and katniss get separated during the plan. neither of them realize that they will be separated and katniss will be attacked. even though this is all happening neith of they motives change both are trying to keep the other alive. katniss shoots her arrow into the force field and everything begins to explode.
  • chapter 27

    Katniss is paralized and the hovercraft shows up to get her. when she finally get in side the hovercraft the first thing she sees is plutarch heavensbee, the head gamemaker, and he shuts her eyes. beetee and katniss are in a room together and he is hooked up to all kind of msschines. she wants to kill peeta so that the capital wont torture him. Katniss leaves claw marks across haymitch's face, and will probably never trush him again for leaving peeta ad not tell eather of them his plan. (881)