The hunger games1

Hunger Games

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    Hunger Games

  • "Friendship"

    Gale and Katniss meet out the fence of their district to hunt for animals. They hunt for animals to trade and provide food for their familes. Most of this hunting is taught to Katniss by Gale, this skill helps her in the games.
  • The struggle is real

    The struggle is real
    Katniss explains to us that she is only a teenager and supports her family. She supports her family because her dad died in a coal mining explosion. Her mom ever since being widowed is devasted and cant support for Katniss, Katniss' sister Primrose, and for herself
  • The Bread

    The Bread
    After Katniss goes to the market she looks at a boy who's family owns a bakery. He throws out two burnt bread loaf intened for Katniss.He risks this deed by getting a beating by his mother. This act by Peeta later earns him trust from Katniss in the games. ***A bit ironic because later they will be fighting against each other for survival.
  • Katniss to the rescue!

    Katniss to the rescue!
    During the tributes selection Katniss' sister is chosen even though Katniss' had her name in multiple times for oils adn other goods. Katniss cant believe what just happened and she voulenteers to save her sisters llife form the game to risk hers.
  • Mockingjay pin

    Mockingjay pin
    Katniss receives a pin. This pin is a major peices of symbolism. The pin injects Katniss with hope and some fight in her.
  • Mr. Mellark

    Mr. Mellark
    Katniss being the tribute form district 12 brings a massive load of stress upon her. Petta's father relieves soem when he says he will watch out for Primrose while Katniss takes part in the Hunger Games.
  • Oh Haymitch

    Oh Haymitch
    On their way to the capital they meet the 50th Hunger Games winner Haymitch. Heymitch is a drunk boozo, but he promises them he will stay sober for them. This is a big key factor for Katniss and Peeta because he has their destiny in his hands.
  • Fire Girl

    Fire Girl
    On their way to presentation to the whole nation they get to see all the tributes. Katniss and Peeta get the bets response and she amazmes the corwd with her stunning looks. She is now know to the world as "Fire Girl".
  • Cornacopia, not the Thanksgiving one; the death trap

    Cornacopia, not the Thanksgiving one; the death trap
    The games begin and many people die in their struggle to get the fancy goods. This suckers many people in there so they die. Katniss also almost dies durinig the beginning of the games.
  • Rue

    During the games Katniss makes friends with a girl named Rue. Rue is a small 12 year old girl from disrict 11. They make a strong friendship and admire each other. Rue told Katniss she trusted her ever since she wore the mockingjay pin over her heart. While together Katniss is under attack while in a tree. Rue signals her towards a tracker jacker nest. Katniss severes the nest and the tracker jackers save Kaniss' life. Katniss also gets stung during this incident. Rue helps her sting.
  • The reason you never split up!

    The reason you never split up!
    During this plan Katniss and Rue make to split to distract the other survivors ultimately allowing Katniss to reach Cato's basecamp. As Rue is lighting the secind fire, she is snatched up into Marvel's trap. She is killed just as Katniss gets there.
  • What freindship is really about

    What freindship is really about
    After Rue is killed by Clove, Thresh (The other district 11 tribute) takes Clove an kills her immeditaly. Katniss takes Rue and put her in a safe, peaceful place for death. District 11 is inspired they give Katniss bread.
  • Only a pair can win

    Only a pair can win
    Katniss is notified by the capital that there can be two winners except they both have to be from the saem district. This means Katniss needs to find Peeta as soon as possible.
  • Haymitch sobering up helps again

    Haymitch sobering up helps again
    As everyones watches Katniss find Peeta they also learn he is very sick. Hyamitch sends down a care package helping Peeta illness, but not entirely.
  • Winnah winnah chicken dinnah

    Winnah winnah chicken dinnah
    Katniss and Peeta finally win the 74th Hunger Games
  • Death after games?

    Death after games?
    Haymitch warns both Katniss and Peeta about their targets. Even thought they did win the Hunger Games they are still in tons of danger. haymitch explains how they can avoid this and be safe.