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Munich Olympics

  • Munich wins bid to host the Olympics

    Munich wins the bis to host the '72 summer Olympics. this will be the first time a German city would house an Olympic tournament since the reign of hitler in Berlin. the German Olympic Committee went to great lengths to put on a welcoming gsames that got rid of the events that happened in the '36 games in Berlin. The Munich Olympics was a way to regain the respect from other countries and show that they have come so far from the reign of Hitler and the Nazis.
  • Munich Security Plan

    Coming away from the World War II horrific experiances. The games were called 'The Happy Games' its logo a pale blue sunburst, and the mascot a dachshund names Waldi. The Munich Committee decided that the security would be laid back and casual. They employed unarmed guards that monitored the event. they wernt issues with police uniforms but with light blue outfits that match the games official colour.
    there was alot of Fuss over the Munich Olympics and it was benifited by the growth in media
  • Test run for security

    A test run for the Olympics comences. Trained German Shepherds starts patroling the newley constructed grounds. Munish security is upped and is planned about. the security services are starting to become in place. the Dachau concemtration camp is only 6 miles away from the Munich, and organisers created a scale back security plan to become less sensitive.
  • Planing of the Attack

    Six terrorista, ages ranging from 19 to 26, are instructed by Fatah leaders to travel to Libya. They are forbidden to tell their families where they are going or for what purposes. In Libya, the men train for an unspecified mission.
  • Three weeks before

    Intelegence recived that a attack on the Israeli Villiage. The intelegence was recieved from Beirut to the foreign ministry in Bonn, Germany. The infomation was given to Munich but nothing was done with it. A complaint was sent ino theOlympic commi concerning the location of the housing of the Israle team. Shmuel Lalkin sparked up the concern, he believed that there was a lack of armed personal because the teams were too far apart.
  • Commencement of the Olympics

    The Munich Olympic Game has their closing ceremony, and mournes the death of the Israli team memebers.
  • The Munich Olympic games commence

  • Period: to

    Oympic Games

    Start of the Munuch Olympic Games
  • Arrival of Black September

    Eight memebers arrive at Munich from Libya from Black September
  • Dr. Georg Sieber's Warning

    A police Psycologist Dr. Gerorg Sieber is hired by German organisers to help discover any possible security concerns. He came up with 26 scenarios in aim that the security can combat any situation. Situation 21 was eerily accurate, he predicted that a Palestinian attack early one morning would see terrorists scale the fence of the Israeli dormitories, take over a group of hostages, kill two to enforce “discipline,” then try to escape with the hostages via plane to an Arab capital. Despite this w
  • Volley Ball Match

    The Black September menbers attends two volleyball matched with main Terrorist Jamal Al-Gashey.
  • Last photo of the team taken

    The Israli team go backstage to meet the cast of The Fiddlers Roof, the last group photo was taken with the cast
  • Performance of Fiddler on the roof

    Fiddler on the roof ws performed in German staring Israle actor Shmuel Rodensky. As this was going on six trained terriorists gathered at Munich railway station. They are joined by Muhannad Massalha, 27 and Yussef nazzal, 25, who carried secret orders for the opperation. To kidnap the Israli team and train them for 200 Palestinian prisoners from the Jewish state
  • The Kidnap 4.42pm

    The terriorsts enters the Olympic Villiage. They are confronted by the Wrestling coach where he becons shot. He is told that he has to lead them to the other team members of israle. After going though Apartment 1, 2, and 3, two people have ended up dead and they now have nine Israle hostages.
  • deadline 9 o'clock

    The Terriorists demanded the swap of the 9 Israle hostages for 236 Palestinian, for a deadline of 9 o'clock. They continued negotiations, and the deadline was puched back to 1pm, 3pm, then 5pm. Communication between the Gernam officals and the Israeli Prime Minister is constant but insists that Israel will not give into the terriorists demands.
  • Opperation Sunshine 5pm

    German officials activated opperation sunshine. German millitary are not leagally aloud to deploy due to Bavarian law so 38 volunteers dressed as athletes plan to storm in with machine guns in duffle bags. This pln failed due to the coverage of the opperation aired on live television
  • Airport 10.30pm

    The terrorists and hostages are brought by helicopter to Furstenfeldbruck, a airport for the military. A decoy plane waits with a police disguised as flight crew planning to overpower the Palestinians. They thought that they were only going to deal with 4 terriorists. they had snipers positioned in a tower. When they relised there mistake their plan was to just shoot. the decoy was removed and the snipers had open fire.
  • Aftermath

    As the games were set to continue, the rest of the Israli team members flew home with the murdeered teammates. There was a outcry to stop the Olympics in honor of the decised Israli members but this was not the result. Many competitors from verious countries dropped out, Dutch Distance Runner Jos Hermens said "You go to a party and someone is killed, you dont continue to party. Im going home"
  • News Release 3.24am

    Jim McKay broke the news about the resent massecar to the rest of the world. McKay was covering the Olympics in 1972
  • Memorial For the Israli Members

    A memorial was held in honor of the Israli team. Flags of the participating countries in the olympics lowered their national flags to half staff. Everyone agreed apart from the 10 Arabic nations, they raised their flags all the way, back to full height.
  • Trial

    The three surviving terrorists are awaiting the murder trial when a plane is hijacked over the Mediterranean Sea. The jet was holding 12 adult men. The new terriorists demanded the release of the Black September gang for the lives of the passengers. Germany agreed iimmediately. there was a conspiricy that the German government set up the hijack to get the Palestinians off their hands and to prevent any further attacks.