The hunger games wallpapers 1

Hunger Games

  • Katniss suddenly wakes up and calms her sister

    1 Exposition
  • Katniss grabs her jacket and slips out the fence.

    2 Exposition
  • She grabs her gear from a nearby tree and heads into the woods

    3 Exposition
  • Gale emerges from the trees and sits down with Katniss looking off into the distance

    4 Exposition
  • Gale pulls out a loaf of bread in "celebration" of the annual Hunger Games

    5 Rising Action
  • Katniss returns home and gets dressed for the Reaping with her sister.

    6 Rising Action
  • The two begin walking toward the town center.

    7 Rising Action
  • At the town center, citizens begin gathering and lining up.

    8 Rising Action
  • Effie Trinket, District 12's Escort, steps up to the mic. to announce Prim and Peeta as the tributes.

    9 Climax (1)
  • Katniss steps into the open and screams for Prim. She then volunteers herself for Prim

    10 Falling action
  • Peeta and Katniss are taken to private rooms to say their final goodbyes.

    11 Falling Action
  • After Katniss is given a Mockingjay pin, her and Peeta are taken to the Capitol on a train

    12 Falling Action
  • On the train, the two tributes are introduced to a very drunk and unpleasant Haymitch.

    13 Falling Action
  • Peeta finally gets through to Haymitch, who begins explaining about the Hunger Games.

    14 Rising Action
  • Haymitch explains how to get sponsors, which very well may save your life, and he also gives advice on other strategies within the Games

    15 Rising Action
  • The train arrives at the Capitol, and Peeta is istantly smiling.

    16 Rising Action
  • All of the tributes arrive at the Captiol and get cleaned up for opening ceremonies.

    17 Rising Action
  • Peeta and Katniss are given fire capes as their outfit to represent district 12 and ride out on chariots into a crowd.

    18 Rising Action
  • After opening ceremonies, training begins. A training room filled with weapons, and lots of other euipment for the players.

    19 Rising Action
  • After a few dyas of training, tributes are sent to be given a score based on their abilities one by one on a scale of 1-12

    20 Rising Action
  • The next day, tributes have one final meeting with their mentors before they are sent to the arena.

    21 Rising Action
  • Sent up in a pod, tributes are arranged around a cornucopia filled with supplies.

    22 Rising Action
  • The timer counts down from 60, as the tributes prepare to begin the games

    23 Rising Action
  • The gun shoots and tributes race to the pile. Several run off into the forests, but most of the tributes who run to the middle are killed in a bloodbath.

    24 Climax (2)
  • Katniss grabs a pack and runs off into the nearby woods, but not before another tribute flings a knife deep into her backpack.

    25 Falling Action
  • Katniss hikes for miles until she finds water, and makes a bed for herself as the night comes to an end

    26 Falling Action
  • After another day of hiking, Katniss is nearing the outskirts of the arena, so the Gamemaker creates a forest fire in the arena through hig-tech game surveilance.

    27 Falling Action
  • Katniss gets singed on the leg and is forced to go out in the open for water where nearby tributes spot her.

    28 Rising Action
  • When she climbs up a tree to escape danger, she finds a tracker-jacker nest nearby, which are deadly mutations of bees

    29 Rising Action
  • The nest falls and smashes in the gorund. one tribute dies, the others escape, but Katniss is left with some narly welts.

    30 Rising Action
  • Katniss goes in search of Peeta after an announcement is made that a district team my win together.

    31 Rising Action
  • Peeta is hurt badly, but through sponsors and medicine presented at a "rendezvous", Peeta is nursed back to health.

    32 Rising Action
  • There are only several tributes left, so the Gamemaker decides to put wolves into play to flush out the remaing tributes to the middle of the arena

    33 Rising Action
  • Peeta And Katniss scrample upon the cornucopia to escape the wolves, but come face to face with the most intimidating tribute.

    34 Rising Action
  • Peeta and Katniss rumble around with the remaining tribute for a few minutes, but is pushed off the side and eaten by the wolves.

    35 Rising Action
  • After they are the presumed winners, a sudden rule change only allows one victor once more.

    36 Rising Action
  • Katniss an Peeta stand back to back and threaten to kill themselves both, so the Capitol is forced to let both of them be winners.

    37 Climax (3)
  • Katniss and Peeta are returned home on a train, and are celebrated in District 12

    38 Falling Action
  • Katniss returns to Prim and their Mom, and rejoices.

    39 Resolution
  • Katniss sits with Gale on the hillside and apologizes for everything and about her time at the games.

    40 Resolution