Ryan & Brendon Olympic Timeline

By dgps4b
  • Athens, Greece

    Athens, Greece
    The first modern Olympic Games started about 1,500 years ago. It stated at 6th April to April 15th
  • Paris,france

    THe women sporting begun and first man to win gold medal
  • St. Louis, USA

    St. Louis, USA
    only 13 contries show up.
  • London Games,Englend

    London Games,Englend
    The 1906 eruption of Mt. Vesuvius requires the Games to move from Rome to London. For the first time, athletes march into the stadium behind their nations' flags. There are more than 2,000 competitors in more than 100 events
  • Stockholm,sweden

    Finland begins its domination of long-distance running events, as Hannes Kolehmainen picks up three gold medals and a silver.
  • world war

    world war
    Games cancelled due to World War I.
  • Antwerp Games,Antwerp

    Antwerp Games,Antwerp
    Figure-skating events are held for the second time, and ice hockey for the first
  • Paris Games,France

    Paris Games,France
    Originally planned to take place in Amsterdam, the Games are moved to Paris at the urging of Baron de Coubertin. He's about to retire, and wants to see them in his homeland one last time
  • St. Moritz Winter Games,USA

    St. Moritz Winter Games,USA
    The Winter Games are plagued with warm weather, slowing some events and cancelling the 10,000-meter speed-skating race.
  • Lake Placid Winter Games,canada

    Lake Placid Winter Games,canada
    Canada continues to be undefeated in hockey, taking home the gold for the fourth time. America's bobsleigh team, led by Billy Fiske, wins the gold; the team includes Eddie Eagan, who was a boxing champion in the 1920 Games. Eagan remains the only person to have won gold medals in both the Summer and Winter Games.
  • Berlin Games,Germany

    Berlin Games,Germany
    The first-ever relay of the Olympic torch. The Games are the first to be televised, being shown on large screens around Berlin.
  • World War I

     World War I
    Games called off due to.
  • World War II.

    World War II.
    Games called off due to World War II.
  • London Games,United Kingdom

     London Games,United Kingdom
    The first Games to be shown on home television.
  • Melbourne Summer Games,Australia

    Melbourne Summer Games,Australia
    Melbourne Summer Games
  • Cortina d'Ampezzo Winter Games

    Cortina d'Ampezzo Winter Games
    The Soviets break Canada's gold-medal monopoly in ice hockey, and win more medals than anybody else. Toni Sailer of Austria becomes the first skier to sweep all three Alpine events. The U.S. sweep five of the six medals in individual figure skating, the lone exception being Austria's Ingrid Wendl's bronze.
  • Rome Summer Games

    Rome Summer Games
    The first Summer Games covered by television worldwide.
  • Squaw Valley Winter Games

    Squaw Valley Winter Games
    The only Winter Games ever not to include bobsledding, as the organizing committee refuses to build an expensive bobsled run for the mere nine nations that would use it. Walt Disney is in charge of pageantry, including the Opening and Closing Ceremonies.
  • Tokyo Summer Games,Japan

    Tokyo Summer Games,Japan
    Abebe Bikila again wins the marathon, this time less than six weeks after having his appendix removed.
  • Mexico City Summer Games

    Mexico City Summer Games
    These Games are controversially held at the highest altitude ever: 7,349 feet. The thin air is bad for athletes in endurance events, but it leads to records in short races, relays, and jumping events.
  • Sapporo Winter Games

    Sapporo Winter Games
    Canada boycotts the Games, in protest of Eastern European "state amateurs."
  • Innsbruck Winter Games

    Innsbruck Winter Games
    These were originally planned for Denver, but Colorado residents voted against spending money on them. Ice dancing makes its debut.
  • Moscow Summer Games

    Moscow Summer Games
    The first Games to be held in a communist country.
  • Los Angeles Summer Games,USA

    Los Angeles Summer Games,USA
    In a compromise with FIFA, professional soccer players are allowed to compete, but only if they haven't been part of a World Cup event
  • Calgary Winter Games Canada

    Calgary Winter Games Canada
    The Winter Games are spread over 16 days for the first time. East German figure skater Katarina Witt defends her title, while American Brian Boitano gets the gold in the men's event.
  • barcelona Games

    barcelona Games
    For the first time in decades, every single nation with an Olympic Committee shows up, even Cuba, North Korea, and South Africa. A record 172 nations participate, represented by 10,563 athletes
  • Atlanta Games

    Atlanta Games
    A pipe bomb in Centennial Olympic Park kills one person and injures 111, but the Games go on.
  • Sydney, Australia

    Sydney, Australia
    10,651 athletes (4,069 of them women) from 199 nations participate; the only nation excluded is Afghanistan. North and South Korea enter the stadium under one flag.
  • Athens, Greece

    Athens, Greece
    The Games return to Greece.
  • Beijing, China

    Beijing, China
    On Aug. 8, 2008, the 2008 Summer Games commenced in Beijing with music, dancing, and fireworks at the opening ceremony.