Catching fire

Final Project

  • The snakelike eyes of President Snow

    Katniss enters the study and sees Snow waiting for her.
  • The Threat

    The Threat
    President Snow tells Katniss that if she does not prevent the uprising in the other districts. the only time she can do this is durring the Victory Tour, but if she doesn't Snow will kill her family and Gale.
  • Lost

    Katniss can't decide who to tell about the threat from Snow. Finaly she decides to tell Haymitch about it on the train durring a fuel stop. Haymitch tells her that she is going to have to marry Petta if she wants her family to live.
  • The Art

    On the train Peeta shows Katniss his art work. When katniss see the art of the arena see says she hates what he painted but that they are amazing.
  • Finaly Told Peeta

    Haymitch takes Peeta and Katniss up in to the obsoritory of 11 and explains to peeta about the threat and how they kept it secret so he would act the same. He was mad that they didnt tell him because he just made it worse by giving Rues family food and money.
  • Failed but Relived

    Katniss now knows that she has failed to convince the outlying districts that her romance with Peeta is real. Rather than feel terrified, though, she feels relieved. She is now free to fight back and to plan.
  • The Pin

    Katniss finds out that there is an uprising in District 8 from the mayor's TV. Madge explains where the Mockingjay pin came from. Katniss takes Gale to the lake. Gale gets wipped for hunting a turkey.
  • The change

    When katniss sees gale she rushes to save Gale from being whipped. By doing so she ends up taking a lash in her face. Haymich starts yelling at the new head peacekeeper for puting a mark on her face when she has a photo shoot next week. Katniss's mom starts healing Gale with her magic hands that can heal.
  • The Blizzard

    During the blizzard katniss decides to rebel instead of runing away. In town many things have changed a banner with the Panem symbol on it hages from the justice building. New nest of macine gun line thr roof. An ofical wipping post has been added, last the Hob is being burned down. The capitol is now cuting wages extending hours and not delivering tesserae.
  • Unknown 13

    Katniss meets two people from 8 who belive that 13 is alive. they left to head there from just seeing a mockingjay in the corner of all the videos of 13. Katniss gives them some supplies and hopes they don't die. On her way back to her house she finds the fence to be live with electricity.
  • The Trap

    When Katniss finds herself traped outside the fence she looks around for a way back in. After walking along the fence for a while she sees a tree that the can climb to get over. when she jumps off the tree over the fence she injures her foot and her tail bone. When she gets home there are two peacekeppers there to inform her that the fence is going to be on constantly from now on. Katniss pays attention to the TV programs to see if she can spot the mockingjay.
  • The Rebellion

    Katniss' prep team arrives to help her get ready for a pre-wedding photo shoot. Octavia complains that seafood from District 4 isn't available. Octavia gives a lame reason for the seafood shortage, but Katniss sees right through it. She is convinced that this means there's trouble in District 4, and that the Capitol is hushing it up. Octavia complains that seafood from District 4 isn't available. later Katniss and Haymitch talk about this and belive that half the districts are rebelling.
  • The Plan

    Now having fould out that she is going back to the games Katniss runs away in to the basement of another victor village house and curls up into a ball and cryed for a while. after some time she walks into Haymitches house to talk and have a drink of white wine. Katniss makes a deal with him to make sure Peeta will make it home this time. The reaping happens Haymitch is pick but peeta volunteers. When Katniss finally has her good-byes ready to go she instead is wisked away onto the train.
  • The Tapes

    Katniss finds out that Brutus, Finnick, Chaff, Cecilia, and Johanna are some of the competitors. They watch other victor's games and come to Haymitch's and start watching. The last two tributes are Haymitch and anothor girl. The girl throws an axe at him but he falls befor it hit him. The girl thinking that she can last longer than Haymitch back fires when the axe is thrown back at the girl from the force field. Haymitch says that his act against the capitol was bad but not as bad as the berries
  • The Chariot Ride

    When Katniss is with her style team she finds that they can't stop crying about the victors going back into the arena. Cinna shows her her outfit, a blackcatsuit that when turn on looked exacly like a burning ember. befor getting on the chariot Katniss meets Finnick who tells her that he gets told dark secreats about the capitol. On the elevator up to the room Peeta and Katniss meet Johanna who strips naked and starts to flirt with Peeta, whitch irks Katniss.
  • Training

    Over breakfast Haymitch tells Peeta and Katniss that they should try to find allies. At the fire starting station Katniss talks in code about the districts in code with Wiress and Beetee. Katniss learns that each of these fields has a weak or chink in the armor from these two. Then in the personal training sesion Katniss does the most unspeakable thing and hangs the previous head gamemaker and adds berry juice for blood.
  • The Scores

    When at dinner after private training Peeta and Katniss tell the others what they did Peeta painted Rue after she died with the flowers on her, and Katniss hung a gamemaker. Later they turn on the TV to see what score they got. They got a matching score of 0. Now everyone is going to try to kill them in the games. For the interview Cinna made Katniss's wedding dress transform in to a mockingjay.
  • The Baby

    Now that Cinna has put herself into danger Katniss now is worried. WHen it is Peeta's turn he tells the audience that he and Katniss have already got married secretly. He says it would have been alright if it wasn't for the baby. When getting ready for the games Katniss and Cinna have one last good bye. Once Katniss is trapped in the tube armed men come in and start beating Cinna.
  • The Start

    Early on at the start of the bloodbath Katniss notices Finnick has Haymitch's golden wrist band and she now knows that he has picked out allies for her. Once the group of four (Peeta, Katniss, Finnick & Mags) head out into the jungle to look for water, Peeta walks into the force field and his heart stops. When Finnick notices this he starts doing CPR.
  • Water

    When Katniss sees this see freaks out and thinks Finnick is trying to kill Peeta. After a long while Peeta finally awakes and tells the group that there is a force field ahead. After a while of looking for water Katniss climbs a tree to see where they are and notices that the arena is a huge circle. They decide to set up camp for the night near the force field.. Haymitch a smart sponser send a spile to tap water from the trees. While the group slept a blistering fog rolled in and awoken thegroup
  • Sacrafice Sacrafice

    While the group was running from the fog Peeta just kept getting slower. Finnick told Mags that he had to take Peeta. Mags decided to ran straight into the fog. Once they got to the beach they wadded into the water to get the fog out of their skin. Now they have another problem monkeys start jumping and biting with their fangs. When Katniss ran out of arrow she ask Peeta for his when just then a monkey got on his arm and there is a monkey heading strainght for him when the morphling saved him.
  • The Team

    Now that they have a break two parachutes come down with meds and bread. then out of another part of the forest comes Jonhanna and Nuts and Volts. Nuts keep saying "Tick Tock" and Volts has been stabed in the back. Katniss puts moss on Volts wound and the group have a discusion on the situation. That night while on watch Katniss realizes that the "Tick Tock" means the arena is a clock.
  • The Change

    When Katniss realizes that it is a clock she wakes up the group to get them to move to a safe spot. Finnick says that they should head back to the Cornicopia. When they get there they search for weapons and make a map of the arena marked with the danger zones. Then it goes bad, the Four rival group attack, Brutus and Enobaria escape. While the arena center spin to disorenent the tributes. They chose a random wedge and head for the beach. Finnick and Katniss are getting water when they hear Prim.
  • Jabber Jays

    Katniss takes off toward her sister and when she reaches thwe sorce she is surprise when she finds it comes from a Jabber Jay. When Finnick arives there is no time to explain because another one starts with Anna's voice. When they head toward the beach they hit a clear wall they can't escape. After the hour is over they get told that the sound were computerly made from interview clips. Peeta and Katniss take first watch and talk about who should make it home this time. Then they play the cameras
  • The wire

    Katniss takes Peeta out into the water to talk about leaving the group soon. The group talks about Volt's plan with the wire and lightening tree. They leave to set up the trap, dividing the jobs up. They gather the last of the sea food they wil get.
  • Plan Goes Bad

    Now they put the plan to action and Katniss and Johanna start to run the wire down to the water. When they notice that the wire has been cut a short distance away. Then Johanna starts stabing in to her arm and then runs off. The two tributes who cut the wire chase after Johanna. While Katniss is looking for Peeta an canon goes off. Katniss is back at the tree when Peeta is shouting and anouther canon goes off. When Katniss is hidding on the hill by the tree and ties the wire to arrow and shots
  • Discorering 13

    Katniss had cause the arena to fall a part and then a hover craft comes and picks her up. When she wakes up she is on a medical bed hooked up to macines. She decides that if Peeta is still alive she should kill him out of mercy before they get dragged into some kind of torture. It was planed to break out a while ago. When she finds out she strikes out at Haymitch's face and get stabed with an drug that imobilizes her. She won't eat or drink or hear what they say. That changed when Gale showed up