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Olympic Controversy

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    The Modern Olympic Era

  • Fred Lorz - Marathon

    Fred Lorz - Marathon
    • Won the marathon after hitching a ride in his trainer’s car (approx. 17.7km out of 42.195km)
    • Eventually admitted to cheating
    • Was stripped of his gold medal and banned from the sport for life
  • Jim Thorpe - Pentathlon & Decathlon

    Jim Thorpe - Pentathlon & Decathlon
    • Stripped of his gold medals (in both events) after it was discovered he played minor league baseball (in 1912 professional sportsmen were not allowed to compete at the Olympics)
    • In 1983, it became official that he had won the medals (30 years after his death)
  • Stella Walsh - Running

    Stella Walsh - Running
    • After being beaten by her bitter rival her fans demanded the rival be examined for being a man, which proved she was a woman
    • During an autopsy of Walsh it was found that she was a man
  • Nazi Involvement at Berlin Olympics

    Nazi Involvement at Berlin Olympics
    • Hitler was intending to use the Olympics as a form of propaganda to promote white supremacy
    • Many black people, notably Jesse Owens, excelled causing them to be snubbed by the games host
  • Russia vs Hungary – Water Polo

    Russia vs Hungary – Water Polo
    • Tensions between the two countries made its way into the pool as a brawl erupted, resulting in many bloody injuries
  • Black Power Salute

    Black Power Salute
    • In response to current social trends and tensions, Tommie Smith & John Carlos raised gloved hands in salute whilst on the podium
  • Hans-Gunnar Liljenwall – Pentathlon

    Hans-Gunnar Liljenwall – Pentathlon
    • Stripped of his bronze medal for having a couple of beers to calm his nerves before the pistol shooting
  • Munich Olympics Massacre

    Munich Olympics Massacre
    • Terrorists entered the Olympic Village killing two people and holding nine hostage
    • Before the terror was over more people were killed, bringing the total to 21 people
  • US vs USSR Basketball final

    US vs USSR Basketball final
    • A series of errors regarding the clock and time-outs meant that the USSR were able to score a goal in the final three seconds of the game and secure the win 51-50 (had the mistakes not been made the US would have won)
    • The US team never claimed their silver medals
  • Borys Onyshchenko – Fencing

    Borys Onyshchenko –  Fencing
    • Cheated by altering the ‘hit counter’ in his sword so that it would register that he had hit his opponent even when he hadn’t
  • Wladyslaw Kozakiewicz – Pole Vault

    Wladyslaw Kozakiewicz – Pole Vault
    • Made an obscene gesture aimed at officials who were trying to sabotage his jump by opening and closing doors to the stadium in an effort to change wind conditions
  • Ben Johnson – Running

    Ben Johnson – Running
    • Stripped of his gold and two bronze medals after testing positive for steroids
  • Park Si-Hun vs Roy Jones Jr – Boxing

    Park Si-Hun vs Roy Jones Jr – Boxing
    • Hun won the bout after the judges voted in his favour 3-2. However, Jones had scored more 86-32
    • The three judges who voted for Hun were eventually banned for two years
    • Hun still holds the gold
  • Tonya Harding & Nancy Kerrigan – Ice Skating

    Tonya Harding & Nancy Kerrigan – Ice Skating
    • Kerrigan was clubbed in the knee by someone hired by Harding’s ex-husband, keeping her from the US Championships
    • Harding knew of the attack in advance
    • Kerrigan recovered in time to go to the Olympics, where she got silver. Harding came 10th
  • Centennial Park Bombings, Atlanta

    Centennial Park Bombings, Atlanta
    • A bombing in Centennial Olympic Park led to the death of one person and injuries to 111 others
    • A security guard was accused of the bombing but later exonerated
  • Marion Jones – Running

    Marion Jones – Running
    • Was stripped of her medals after it became known she took performance enhancing drugs
  • Dong Fangxiao – Gymnastics

    Dong Fangxiao – Gymnastics
    • Competed when she was 14 years old when the minimum age is 16 years old and was deemed ineligible
    • She is not the only Chinese girl to fall under scrutiny for this
  • Flag Fiasco, London – Soccer

    Flag Fiasco, London – Soccer
    • As North Korea ran onto the pitch, they were introduced alongside the South Korean flag
  • Shin A Lam – Fencing

    Shin A Lam –  Fencing
    • An issue with the clock meant that Shin was defeated and missed out on the gold medal fight
    • Following fencing custom Shin had to remain in the arena whilst an appeal was held
    • Shin lost the appeal and due to the timetable fought almost immediately for bronze, and lost