The Hunger Games

  • ** means i've removed it

  • Katniss and Gale hunt

    Katniss and gale hunt illegaly and share bread
  • Katniss Goes home

    This is where we meet Primrose, and Mrs.Everdeen
  • The Reaping

    Primrose name is called for the girls and Katniss posts tribute to save her sisters life, Peeta mallarks name is called for the boys.
  • Flash back

    Katniss has a flash Black remebering when peeta through her burnt bread when she was starving.
  • Friends and family vist katniss before she leaves

    She sees Primrose and her mother, Gale, Madge who gives her a pin and Peetas father who promises that he wont let prim starve
  • She gets on a train to the capitol

    She gets on the train see alot of luxorious food eats some with peeta, haymitch walks in and out no really talking to them
  • **Katniss Throws the cookies the baker gave her out the window

  • Katniss wakes up

    she talks to peeta and haymitch, haymitch agrees to maintain his drinking and help them.
  • katniss arrives at the capitol

    her and petta wave to the cheering crowd.
  • katniss gets prepared to meet cinna

    she gets cleaned and waxed ect.
  • Katniss mets CInna

    Cinna is her stylist and he is the only person she feels is real thats from the capitol
  • Katniss and peeta goto the District Parade

    They get set on fire with fake fire which puts the crowd in uproar
  • Dinner With Effie, Haymitch and Peeta

    They have dinner and katniss goes to her room
  • **Katniss meets the anox girl

    She has a flashback when she see her and she remebers that she may have been able to save her but she ran instead.
  • Wakes up and goes to tribute traing with peeta

    she learns skills that she dosn't know to preapre for the hunger games, that lasts pretty much all day.
  • Goes to training where they get rated on there skills

    solo in a room with the game makers to show off there skills
  • katniss turn she's last

    Gamemakers are bored of the day and not paying attetion so she shoots a arrow at them into a apple in a roasted pigs mouth
  • **Peeta and katniss talk about how the game makers wern't paying attention

  • Scores are show on a tv

    Peeta scores a 8 and katniss gets an 11 they call celebarte with the sylist on there scores turn out.
  • **Interview day prep

    Katniss and peeta get prep for there interview katniss gets a fire dress
  • Interview

    All of the tributes have to have a short interview with Caesar Flickerman. For Katniss's interview she was wearing an outfit to go along with her title "The girl who was on fire." Durring her interview she tries to be herself. After her interview she watches backstage as Peeta is getting interviewed. This is when he saies he loves her on national tv.
  • Rooftop with Peeta

    Katniss and peeta goto the roof to get some fresh air. and peeta tells katniss how he dosn't want it to change her.
  • Meets cinna before games start.

    Cinna gives her her mocking jay district pin before she has to leave for the start of the games.
  • Games Start

    Katniss runs away from the cornacopia and grabs a bag of goods.
  • **Blood Bath Many tributes die here

    many tributes die as they try to grab weapons
  • Katniss is suprised that peeta is with the careers

    Katniss hiding in a tree notices peeta with the career tributes.
  • Drops Tracker Jackers on careers

    killing one career and gatting her bow katniss still passes out from the stings. Peeta saves her life by telling her to run away from the careers.
  • Katniss wakes up

  • Meets Rue

    Young Girl TRibute from disterict 11 they form an allaince, In there alliance they destory the careers stock pile of supplies. While doing so Rue gets trapped and killed by a career, alought Katniss kills the career she is unable to save Rue life.
  • Katniss finds peeta but he is hurt.

    They kiss and gamemakers inform them that there can be two victors if there from the same disterict and there is something every person needs at the cornacopia, Katniss goes encounters a career girl almost gets killed by her then Thresh (district 11 Boy) Kills her and says" This time 12 for Rue) Katniss retrives the bag and heals peeta.
  • They find Fox Face dead

    They find foxface dead by eating poisonous berrys Katniss takes them and holds on to them. At this time there is only 4 tributes left Cato, Thresh, Peeta and Katniss
  • GameMakers are getting bored with the pace

    The spawn in wild dogs/wolves which kill Thresh and making peeta and katniss run to high ground, they goto the cornacopia and meet cato on top. They Kill Cato and its just those two remain.
  • Almost Suicide

    The Game Makers revoke there pervious rule if the last two remain from the same district they both win, upon hearing this they both grab the fatal berrys and almost eat them until they reinstae the rule and they are declared the winners of the 74th annual hunger games.