The House on Mango Street

Timeline created by vero7naranjo
  • Intro

    Esperanza and her family move into mango street . Its not a house esperanza wants to live in. She meets everyone who lives around her and becomes friends with a girl name cathy. Cathy is the queen of cats. She has cats everywhere in her house. Esperanza and her friends go to a furniture store and look around. The old man that works in the store shows them a nice music box that espranza likes and wants to buy but he says it isnt for sale. She meets a new friend called Meme Ortiz.
  • intro

    Louises cousin comes and gives them a ride. They ask him were he got the car . When they were almost home they hear sirens and the cousin tells them to get off and he crashes the car and gets arrested. Esperanza talks about how shes not scareed of any one in her town because they are all brown. Alicia swears she sees mice and her father doesn’t believe her.
  • Rising Action

    Eperanza is jealous of those kids that get to eat at school instead of having to go home . She asks her mother to make her a letter saying if she can eat at school beacuase her house is to far but her teacher knows where she livs and says no.Kids made fun of her for eating rice sandwishes. Esperanza goes to her cousins party and is asked to dance but is to ashamed because she had to wear her sandles instead of new party shows
  • Turning Point

    Esperanza gets a job and lies about her age. She meets a guy at work and talks with him at lunch. When she leans in for a hug the guy grabs her face and kisses her. Esperanza's grandfather dies and esperanza gets depressed. Esperanza gets introuble for making fun of her aunt after she gets blinded from a disease. She feels bad after her aunt lupe dies. Elenita tells esperanza about her future. She tells her that she sees a house in the heart. Esperanza is not sure what she was told and leaves.
  • Falling Action

    Esperanza sees a boy named sire and he makes her feel all warm inside. He has a girlfriend and she stares at them wanting a relationship like their. Her mother tells her that girls like that are the ones that go into alleys . There is four trees outside her window and she says that is the only thing that understands her. The man across from her house saves money to bring his wife and children to the united states.
  • Conclusion

    She mmets sally and sally is the beautiful most wanted girl in school. Mirnvera comes home with brusies because her husband beat her up and she askes esperanza for help. Esperanza goes out to the hills and promises if she ever is rich that she wont forget where she came from .Sally stays with esperanza because her dad beats her as well. Esperanza gets raped by a boy from the group that was bothering her, . sally gets married.,
  • conclusion

    Esperanza goes back to the three lady and gets her hand read and they tell her to make a wish and she wishes for a big house. At the end esperanza doesnt get the big house but she tells herself that one day she will get that big house but for now shes stuck in mango street.