The holocaust Timeline

By AlfredL
  • Hitler becomes chancellor//The enabling acts

    Hitler becomes chancellor//The enabling acts
    Hitler disbanded every political party except the nazi party and had members of the communist party arrested, he was given complete power as a dictator
  • Boycott of jewish buisnesses

    Boycott of jewish buisnesses
    The nazi party ordered Jewish shops be boycotted and put signs on Jewish owned businesses, however people continued to shop there, and the boycott was taken down after 24 hours
  • The Nuremberg laws

    The Nuremberg laws
    Nazis create laws that purposefully affected those of "Jewish blood" and "gypsy blood" not allowing them to marry anyone german and
  • the night of broken glass

    the night of broken glass
    The nazis went on a rampage, destroying and vandalizing Jewish owned businesses across Germany, 96 Jews were killed, 30,000 Jewish men were arrested and sent to concentration camps
  • American responoses

    American responoses
    the ship ST.Louis took off from Hamburg carrying 937 passengers in which most of whom were Jewish individuals trying to escape, the ship was sailing to Cuba. Cuba denied their entry and the ship went to the United States. The U.S also denied their entry and the ship turned back to Germany, 250 individuals on the boat died in the holocaust
  • The Jewish badge

    The Jewish badge
    Jewish individuals were forced to wear a badge or arm sleeve with the star of David on it in order so other people could identify them
  • the final solution,

    the final solution,
    the concentration camps were full and overcrowded, and with WW2 going on, Hitler comes up with a solution. To kill everyone in the concentration camps using various methods, the most well-known being the gas chamber. Taking their belongings and anything of value they had to keep or sell. As well as carrying out mass shootings against any Jewish. Millions of jews, homosexuals, war prisoners, mentally and physically disabled people were killed
  • The Allies find out and the holocaust ends

    The allies began to close in on the third reich near the end of WW2, and in order to hide the camps, they moved the prisoners to other death camps, or just killed them so they couldn't set the prisoners free, and so the prisoners couldn't say what was happening in the camps. Unlucky for them the allies discovered the camps and the bodies