The Holocaust

  • Before 1933

    Before 1933
    Europe was devastated by world war one and create new countries to try and recover from the death of millions of soldiers and civilians plus damage to property from the war. They end up struggling for years to try and recover this ends up causing worldwide depression.
  • Context of WW2

    Context of WW2
    September 1,1939, Germany invades Poland within a year they had conquered much of Europe. Eventually the Nazis were required to wear armbands so people could know who they were and they wouldn't be shot or killed by any other Nazi. In June 1941, Germany turned on its ally, the Soviet Union which caused more problems and more killing weapons for war including the gas vans which also appeared on the eastern front in late fall 1941.
  • The Horrors of Dachau

    The Horrors of Dachau
    this period was marked to be fairly intense fighting that scared a lot of people and it was on the eastern and western fronts of world war 2 Nazi Germany decided to make it worse and make the fighting more intense and decided to invest in a pursuit of the "Final Solution." After the past few years millions of Jews were being taught hot do efficient killing and the way they taught them was through poison gas
  • AFTER 1945

    AFTER 1945
    By may of 1945 the Germans and their allies murdered six million Jews as a part of the holocausts. When their allied troops entered the concentration camps, they ended up seeing piles of corpses and bones coated with human ashes. This was the aftermath of the Nazi mass murder. soldiers ended up finding lots of survivors most Jews but some were non Jews most suffering from starvation and disease.