The Holocaust

  • Removal of "Non-Aryans"

    Shortly after Hitler took power in Germany, he ordered all "non-Aryans" to be removed from government jobs. This order was one of the first moves in a compain for racial purity that eventually led to the Holocaust
  • Nuremburg Laws

    Nuemburg Laws stripped Jews of their German citizenship, jobs, and property. To make them easier for the Nazis to identify them, Jews had to wear a bright yellow Star of David attached to their clothing.
  • Kristallnacht

    Nazi storm troopers attacked Jewish homes, businesses, and synagogues across Germany. Around 100 Jews were killed, and hundreds more were injured. Some 30,000 Jews were arrested and hundreds of synagogues were burned. Afterward, the Nazis blamed the Jews for the destruction.
  • The St. Lewis

    This German ocean liner passed Miami in 1939. Although 740 of the liner's 943 passengers had U.S. immigration papters, the Coast Guard followed the ship to prevent anyone from disembarking in America. The ship was forced to return to Europe.
  • Final Solution

    Hitler, obsessed with ridding Europe of Jews, came up with genocide, the deliberate and systematic killing of an entire population.
  • The Final Stage

    The Final Solution reached its final stage. At a meeting held in Wannsee, a lakeside suburb near Berlin, Hitler's top officials agreed to begin a new phase of the mass murder of Jews. To mass slaughter and starvation they would add a third method of killing-- murder by poison gas.