The Hobbit, fiction, Tolkien, pages

  • Pages 1-32

    Bilbo Baggins og Bag-End is introduced. We find that he is a hobbit who does not care too much for adventures, until Gandalf comes to him in May. The next day, Gandalf and twelve dwarves come to his hobbit hole to take him on an adventure. They start off their adventure to a very good first day.
  • pages 32-56 pt 2

    including a hammer and sword. they travel on.
  • pages-32-56 pt 1

    The group finishes their first day, and it starts pouring rain, so they settle down for sleep. Gandalf has disppeared, and all the dwarves and Bilbo are tired, when they see a light in the forest. They send Bilbo after it, and he finds three trolls over a fire. he trys to steal something from their pocket, and then is picked up by the troll. The dwarves come after him, and they all get in a fight, until Gandalf comes and saves them. They find the trolls' cave and steal their treasures,~
  • pages 56-83

    The group travels to the Last Homely Home and meet the elves. They explain that the sword and hammer were made to kill goblins. They group continues on when they find a mountain. Inside, there are goblins. They are taken prisoner and the goblins want to kill them, but Gandalf savse them.
  • 83-103

    Bilbo meets Gollum, a creepy creature lurking in the bottom of the mountain. He plays a game with riddles with him, and if Bilbo loses he will be Gollum's dinner. Luckily. he gets away with the magic ring turning him invisible. He makes his way out of the mountain, and goes to find Gandalf and the dwarves. He conviently forgoets to tell them the whole truth about the magic ring. They continue their trek, and have to climb trees because of a pack of Wargs. Gandalf sends down fires and sparks ~
  • 83-103 pt 2

    ~upon the Wargs, and the Wargs run away.
  • 103-129

    The hobbit, the dwarves, and the wizard go to meet a friend of Gandalf's in a beautiful valley. They go up his walkway and meet with him, and he becomes so interested in the story of their adventure, that he allows them to stay with him for as long as necassary.
  • 129-148

    Soon, the guy sends the Hobbit and dwarves off, well-wishing and letting them use his horses. They enter the deep dark forest, and Gandalf tells them he must leave them, but he will return.
  • 148-178

    Now in the forest, they travel on the path during the day and sleep at night. The forest is gargantuan, and filled with evil creatures and dark magic. After about two weeks, they are about 75% way through the forest when their food supply is finished. They begin starving and have a hard time doing anything until they see the light and hear a party in the boughs of the trees. They were told to never stray the path, but they do it anyway. looking for food and drink. When they get to the party, the
  • 148-178 pt 2

    candles are blown out and all the elves and food are moved deeper into the forest where they continue the party. this continues for about five more times until the dwarves and hobbit fall asleep in the forest. They start to notice something, and realize that each one of them are being kidnapped! Bilbo slips on his magic ring, and follows them. He finds that ginormous spiders are the culprits, and he starts battling them until they all are dead or scared.
  • 178-196

    The hobbit and dwarves fall asleep again after all the battling, until they are kidnapped again, this time by elves! once again, bilbo uses the invisiblity ring and follows, to see that the elves imprison the dwarves for disrupting their party. They are kept in prison cells, fed luckily, until BIlbo finds a way to break them out.
  • 196-207

    They all get into barrels and go through a stream until they are out of the prison and out of the forest. They reach the last town before Mount Doom (the home of Smaug) where they meet townspeople, who welcome them and take them in.
  • 207-217

    They leave the town to go defeat Smaug, and start setting up camp at the base of the mountain. During the day, they look for entrances to Smaug's cave. Finally, Bilbo, Fili and Kili find the entrance. They enter and try to gain access through the final door, but are unable to because it is magically locked. Finally, they realize that the key that went with the map goes to the door, and it opens. Bilbo travels down into it and he founs Smaug sleeping on his riches. He flees and tell the dwarves o
  • 2017-217 pt 2

    f what he saw.
  • 217-256

    The battle against Smaug begins when they start launching bombs into Smaug's home. He fights back, and soon, everyone is fighting for their lives and to kill Smaug.