the history of the U.S.E

  • Apr 18, 1504

    United States of England is founded.

  • Period: Apr 18, 1504 to Apr 18, 1534

    The U.S.E is a republic

  • Apr 18, 1534

    The U.S.E gets a king

    Potty Jay William the 3rd takes over the U.S.E (two generations after potty Jay William) and the U.S.E is no longer a republican.
  • Period: Aug 15, 1546 to Mar 24, 1549

    war for who to be king

    a war for who to be king .
  • Sep 17, 1546

    Potty Jay William the 3rd dies.

    Potty Jay William the 3rd gets shot and because of his death there was a war to see who would be king.
  • Aug 16, 1549

    New ruler

    The war has ended and a really mean man called Harry Jim-Jim and he was a dictator so he killed alot of people which made the population drop.
  • Period: Aug 16, 1549 to Jan 19, 1551

    dictator ruling

    the dictator is ruling and everyone is scared to fight back but he did`nt stay for long only two years because the linkonisian army came and murdered him.
  • Feb 9, 1551

    U.S.E becomes a republican again.

    The dictator is dead and everyone decides that the U.S.E becomes a republican.
  • New invention.

    In 1938 a really smart man announced a new company called Strawberry that made computers phones mp3`s and headphones this became the best selling brand in 1940 IN THE WORLD and where only sold in the U.S.E which made the population jump up.
  • Another new invention.

    In 1942 a man that has just moved to the U.S.E came up with A drink called Coke and everyone tasted it and was selling in stores immediately. And this company was competing with strawberry for best company of the year award.