the history of the microscpoe and the electro microscope

By adodd
  • An early microscope was made in 1590 in Middelburg, Netherlands

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    The history of the microscope and the electro microscope

  • Giovanni Faber coined the name microscope for Galileo Galilei's compound microscope in 1625

  • In the 1660s the microscope was used extensively for research in Italy, The Netherlands and England.

  • On the 9 October 1676, Van Leeuwenhoek reported the discovery of micro-organisms using a microscope

  • The first electromagnetic lens was developed in 1926 by Hans Busch

  • physicist Leó Szilárd tried in 1928 to convince Busch to build an electron microscope

  • In 1933, Ruska built an electron microscope that exceeded the resolution attainable with an optical (light) microscope

  • The first practical electron microscope was constructed in 1938, at the University of Toronto, by Eli Franklin Burton and students Cecil Hall, James Hillier, and Albert Prebus