The History of the Computer

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    The History of the Computer

  • Large-scale digital calculation machinery

    Large-scale digital calculation machinery
    An electronic that has number keys. It is used to calculate sums.
  • High-speed printer

    High-speed printer
    Documents that are stored in your computer can be printed out in hard-copy by the printer using paper and ink.
  • Xerox Alto

    Xerox Alto
    A computer that can photocopy documents. (Xerox means photocopy)
  • Digital Camera

    Digital Camera
    A camera that captures images with a screen. It uploads pictures taken by you as a memory.
  • Orborne I

    Orborne I
    This is an old portable computer with a close-up protection, with an optional battery pack and a carrying handle. It is not touch screen.
  • USB Flash drive

    USB Flash drive
    A small portable gadget that can store any soft copy. It needs to be transferred from the computer.
  • Microsoft X-Box

    Microsoft X-Box
    It is a games console that is attached to the TV. It has various games from arcade to FPS (first person shooters)
  • Nintendo Wii

    Nintendo Wii
    An electronic game attached through TV. Sports and other games using game equipment such as the Nunchuck to make it fell that you are playing in real life.
  • IPhone

    company invention of a touch screen phone, with a music player and apps/games. It also has internet connection using Wi-Fi.
  • IPad

    A portable computer that is wireless. It is touch screen but with not all the facilities that is in a computer. It is a Apple Company invention.