The History of the Agricultural Philosophy

  • Agriculture in 2012

    In 2012, most farms are doing fine, doing what they need to do in order to harvest food. With the help of tractors, tools, and other electrical and motorized items, it's really quite easy to farm and harvest crops to feed the present day people.
  • Period: to

    How the Apocalypse Shaped Agricultural History

    The Apocalypse hit in 2045, and we're seeing the effects of it 50 years later in 2095.
  • Aggy Cultura in 2040

    At 20 years old, Aggy's father has died, leaving the family farm up to her to handle. She is forced to do the work by herself--however, with the help of the technology even more advanced than the technology in 2012, she is able to get along selling crops.
  • The Apocalypse Hits in 2045

    Aggy, age 25, is surprised when the apocalypse hits and destroys her farm and all electrical and motorized technology she's ever known and relied on. This leaves her almost penniless: Outraged and desperate, she begins the PAAP organization to understand what led to the collapse and how to fix it.
  • Aggy and PAAP 20 years after the Collapse

    Aggy, at 45, develops her farm to run without electricity or motors. The PAAP group, now with over 500 members, reaches the conclusion that while humans aren't responisble for the collapse, they are to blame for the chaos they brought upon themselves afterwards. Due to laziness to perform chores themselves and lack of preperation , the humans have been forced to do all agricultural work by hand or with the help of animals or hand held tools.
  • Present Day, 2095

    The world is still in ruins even fifty years after the apocalypse, but is coping much better when humans start to learn how to do work themselves. Aggy, 85, and PAAP has come up with a number of solutions for the agricultural field by now, including teaching future and present farmers to grow and produce crops without the use of electronic or motorized untensils. It's uncertain where the collapse happened exactly, but PAAP knows that it was when humans became too reliant on technology .