First tv

The History Of Television

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    History of Television 1870-1950

    A change in TV history over 80 years.
  • The First Stroboscopic Disc

    The First Stroboscopic Disc
    This device was used to view pictures and images.
  • The First Flexible Film

    The First Flexible Film
    Invented by a man called George Eastham
  • The First Motion Camera

    The First Motion Camera
    Invented by Thomas Edison, also invented the light bulb.
  • Motion Picture First Publically Viewed

    Motion Picture First Publically Viewed
    Happened in France in front of thousands of people.
  • First Feature Length Movie

    First Feature Length Movie
    Released in 1927 by a man named Samson Raphealson.
  • The First TV

    The First TV
    Invented in 1931 by Philio Farnsworth.
  • The First Television Broadcast

    The First Television Broadcast
    First made available in London.
  • Proposal of Colored Television

    Proposal of Colored Television
    The first proposal of coloured TV was introduced by a man named George Vallensi.
  • 7000 Sets

    7000 Sets
    There were fewer than 7000 in America at the time.
  • Advertisers Accept the Medium

    Advertisers Accept the Medium
    Through the year 933 advertisers and sponsors buy television time.
  • 98 TV Stations

    98 TV Stations
    There are 98 TV stations in a market of 58 areas.