The History of Starford Island

By mah6822
  • Starford Island is Colonized

    America was searching for another peice of land so they would not be to croweded. They sent out 2 big ships with 130 colonists on them.After 3 years of searching, they did find an island, they found Starford Island! A lot of people were interested to go because of the good climate, resources, and land. So some of the colonists traveled to Starford Island in a ship, and built some cabins to settle in for the day. More people came after a few months after they heard more about Starford Island.
  • The Horse Carrige was Invented

    The people of Starford Island needed new ways to transport to areas they wanted to go. They had an idea that maybe a cart could pull them. So they made the wheels , the nice seats, and some windows. Unfortunately, they had a problem: how to make it go. They tried pushing for quite a while, but it was hard.After some thinking they thought maybe an animal could do the job. They thought about which animal to choose and decided it was going to be a horse since they are nice, strong and obedient.
  • Silver Resources were Found

    On October 23rd, the colonists found a silver resource
    location somewhere near a river.The colonists were overjoyed because they could use silver for many purposes like jewerly, electronics ( since silver is a good electronic conducter), health/doctor tools, and money (like coins). They still use silver until today for many purposes.
  • The First Spacecraft that Landed

    One day a young man thought about what would happen if we went to the moon. So he asked the scientists to try by reasearching on how to get there with many experiments or models. So they did try for a quite a while. Their first rocket exploded after 5 minutes when they launched it. Thankfully, nobody was inside becuase it was auto piloted. After a few more tests, they sent 2 brave people on the spaseship. Now the people are motivated to discover more things they can do.
  • The Computer was invented

    Scientists of Starford wanted to create a machine that was so smart so it could help us in the future. The engineers of Starford planned out what the computer was going to be able to do while the scientists did different expirements with electricity. After a few years of planning, the computer was coming out. The computers helped us to do our schoolwork and daily activities. The engineers update the computer continuously.
  • The Natural Disaster

    It was an ordinary day for the people of Starford Island. There were a couple of shakes in the past few weeks that were not severe, but on July 18, 2009, A tsunami flooded Sydney Town, vastville town, and Doropolis. A lot of people were killed. People of Starford helped by donating money and some of their blood to the people who need it. This tsunami made them prepare if another disaster strikes and unite the people more.