The History of Lokomoko

  • Jul 5, 1000

    New island found

    Lokomoko was found by a Spanish footballer Mr. Camadrien.
  • Sep 23, 1288

    Africans immigrate

    Africans from North Africa immigrate to Lokomko to avoid being kicked out from their own countries.
  • Apr 16, 1365

    Jamaicans immigrate

    Jamaicans immigrate to Lokomko since they had no more space to live in.
  • Jan 16, 1429

    New currency

    Lokomokians decide to name Lokomko`s currency "Lakmok".
  • Aug 24, 1532

    New tropical fruit

    A new fruit is found called siphigu named after the founder Mr. Siphiwe.
  • Hukukiki erupts

    The Hukukiki volcano erupts which forces many Lokomkians to leave their home.
  • Explorers settle in Lokomko

    Explorers come and settle in Lokomko but they don`t make any major discoveries.
  • War is declared

    The North side of the country declares war with the South part of the country to see whiwh language Lokomko should speek but at the end they decided to speak both languages.
  • New King on the throne

    King Camadrien IX comes on the throne.
  • New capital

    For the New Year, Lokomokians decide to name the capital Electronia.
  • Two religions

    Catholic and Muslim is the religion of Lokomoko.
  • New castle

    Castle has been replaced with a new one twice the size of the original one.
  • New King on the throne

    King Camadrien XII comes n the throne.
  • New hotels

    Five star hotels are built to increase the tourist attraction.
  • Anti-pollution devices

    Anti-pollution devices are set in the sea and land to reduce the amount of pollution.