The History of Computers

  • IBM was formed

    IBM was formed
    The formation of the International Business Machines corporation has proved to be an exceptional part of computer history because of its manufacturing capabilities. This company has made computers available to people and businesses around the world.
  • Binary System

    Binary System
    Konrad Zuse used the binary system instead of the decimal system in his computer designs. The binary system is much faster and is still used today.
  • Douglas Engelbart invented the mouse

    Douglas Engelbart invented the mouse
    The invention of the mouse made computers more accessible to the average person. Before the mouse, only trained scientists who knew how to work special machinery could operate computers.
  • ARPAnet

    ARPAnet set the foundation for the internet as we know it today. Without the work done on ARPAnet, the cyber-world would be loads different.
  • E-mail

    Ray Tomlinson's development of the e-mail system revolutionized the way people communicate. It started the gradual shift from paper mail to electronic mail that is very popular today....not to mention convinient and fast.
  • The first portable computer

    The first portable computer
    The first portable computer is significant because its debut paved the way for the modern technology (laptops, ipads, smart phones, etc) that we enjoy today.
  • Microsoft Windows

    Microsoft Windows
    Microsoft Windows made it easier to use the computer as the user didn't have to type in each individual command
  • The first PC computer virus

    The first PC computer virus
    This first virus was the beginning of the malware problem we have to face today.
  • The development of the zip disk

    The development of the zip disk
    This is a significant invention because it made computer memory portable.
  • Google is founded

    Google is founded
    Google has changed the way we surf the web. It is perhaps the most highly successful search engine of our time.