the history of basketball

  • the start

    although exact date is not sure james naismith invented the game of basketball for a physical education class at a ymca in springfield mass in 1891
  • nba introduced to the olympics

  • first game

    first professional game is played, the huskies hosted the new york knickerbockers
  • first championship

    in 1947 the philidelphia warriors beat the chicago stags to win the first nba championship
  • first african american player

    in 1950 harold hunter became the first african american player to be a part of the nba by signing with the washington wizards
  • highest scoring game ever

    on this day the detroit pistons defeated the denver nuggets 186-184 making it the highest scoring game in nba history
  • goat

    michael jordan was drafted third overall in 1984 by the chicago bulls today he is reffered to as the goat or greatest of all time