The History Acts

By JTD_98
  • The French and Indian War

    • This was a war between the French and British, France wanted this for trade and British waned it so they can colonise the land.
    • Brithish wanted more land so they are able to start more colonies.
    • The colonist were supportive because they wanted more land to settle on.
  • Treaty of Paris

    *This document stoped the french and Indian war.
    *The British was happy because they took control of more land to the west of the app. mountiants
    *They happy becaust they were finally able to advance west like the were wanting too.
  • Proclamation of 1763

    • This document was created to stop the colonist from ever expanding west across the App. Mountiants
    • They did this to avoid any conflict that might occur with the native americans and the colonist.
    • The colonist were mad because they didnt want to be told what to do.
  • The Sugar Act

    • This put a tax on sugar and molasses.
    • British nbeeded to do this to fund the war that they had.
    • This was't a big deal, but tax i becoming to be a growing issue.
  • The Stamp Act

    • This put tax on leagal documents, newspaper, Wills, and basicaly every piece of paper.
    • The needed money for all of the war funding.
    • The Sons of Liberty formed boycotts.
  • Writs of Assitance

    • Customs had the right to search ships that are coming into port at their own free will.
    • They did this so people would think that they are powerful and wouldnt try and rebel
    • Very few colonist were affected by this but they didnt like the invasion of their property.
  • TownShend Acts

    • This act put a tax on some house hold items like eggs, milk, butter, ect.
    • The British needed moey to go towards their war efforts.
    • The colonist didnt like this and they all started to boyycott aginst the British.
  • Quarting Act

    • Colonist had to provide for the british soliders like childeren and had to take care of them
    • They did this to have soliders coloser to the war with a good place to sleep for the night.
    • The hated to take care of all of the solidres but there was very little that the colonist could do.
  • Boston Massacre

    • Shots were fired in to a crowd of colonist and this killed 5 of the colonist.
    • This mainly happened because there was a great ammount of tention between british and the colonies.
    • The colonist were mad because only 2 soldiers were proven guilty and 6 werent guilty
  • Tea Act

    • This act cut the trading of tea because the a company lowered their tea prices
    • The company controlled all of the teal sale in the colonies at all times
    • This all resulted in the Boston Tea Party
  • Boston Tea Party

    • This is when people dumped 90,000 pounds of tea into the habor
    • They had higher taxes and they had a blocade of ships around the harbor.
    • This action led to the Intoerable Acts
  • Intolerable Acts

    • The Colonist were not allowed to hold town meetings and the boston port was shut down
    • Custom officals became very tired in britain
    • This led to the first continental congress meetind and this also made other colonies come together
  • • 1st Continental Congress

    This was held to descuss the option that the poeple had. They were still wanting to find a way to peacefuly resolve the probems that they were facing.
  • • 2nd Continental Congress

    This was held in Philadelphia, during this they created the Olive Branch Petition to ask to get rid of the intolerable acts. During this the continental arny was nade and George Washington was the leader
  • • Lexington

    This was know as the shot heard around the world. This was when Paul Revere went through the town saying 'The British are coming"
  • • 2nd Continental Congress

  • • Bunker Hill

    This was when Mitila men shet up around a hill and shot at British ships and people. This was also when they said dont fire till you see the white of their eyes.
  • • Common Sense

    This was a book made by Thomas Paine and he tried to change the public thoughts of people using this book to pursuade colonist to fight for independence.
  • • Declaration of Independence

  • • Battle of New York

  • • Battle of Trenton

  • • Battle of Princeton

  • • Battle of Saratoga

  • • Winter at Valley Forge

  • • Battle of Yorktown

  • • Treaty of Paris