The Handmaid's Tale

By sznnn
  • Offred's mother's story

    Offred's mother's story
    Offred’s mother is a commited feminist and is sent to the colonies.
  • The goverment gets overthrown

    The goverment gets overthrown
    Women lose their rights : they are forbidden to have a job, a bank account and Offred loses her job as a librarian.
  • Offred, Luke and their child get arrested

    Offred, Luke and their child get arrested
    They get arrested and separeted while trying to escape Gilead.
  • Offred is detained in a gymnasium with other women

  • Moira runs away from the Red Center wearing an aunts clothes

  • Offred sees Moira who has also become a handmaid

  • Offred meets Ofglen

    Offred learns that the former haindmaid has commited suicide
  • The Ceremony

    The Commander has sex with Offred in Serena's bed. Serena lies behind Offred.
  • The Commander invites Offred to play Scrabble

    The Commander invites Offred to play Scrabble
    They will frequently meet but secretly since the Commander and the handmaid can't have any kind of relationship outside of the Ceremony. He will thank her for her company by offering her forbidden things from the previous society.
  • Ofglen reveals she is a member of the Mayday resistance

    It gives a glimmer of hope to Offred
  • Offred attends a Birth Day

    Offred attends a Birth Day
  • Serena Joy suggests to Offred to have sex with Nick

    She thinks the Commander is sterile and tells Offred that she can give her a picture of her daughter in exchange.
  • Offred attends a Prayvaganza

    Offred attends a Prayvaganza
  • The commander takes Offred to Jezabel's

    Offred sees Moira in the brothel. She appears to have lost hope. She no longer seems to want to try to rebel.
  • Offred attends a particicution

    Offred attends a particicution
  • Ofglen is replaced

    The new Ofglen is not part of Mayday.
  • Serena Joy discovers Offred's relationship with the Commander.

  • Offred is taken from the Commander’s house in a black van.

    Offred thinks that Serena denounced her to the Eyes.
  • Symposium

    We are in the future and Gilead no longer exists. A professor talks about Offred's story that has been found on cassette tapes.