The Gradual Increase of Nazi Persecution of the People with Disabilities.

  • Reichstag Fire Decree

    the Reichstag Fire Decree took away some of the main rights and it is against this because the people need to speak for themselves.
  • Period: to

    The Gradual Increase of Nazi Persecution of the People with Disabilities

  • the Enabling Act

    the Enabling Act was the law that allowed Hitler to propose and sign the legislation into law without consulting the parliament. This law effectively created a dictatorship in Germany. This took away the reason that they can be in Germany.
  • the Education Law

    the Education Law took away the number of jews and people with disabilities in schools. Jewish students had to quit going to public schools and instead were not able to receive a free education. If the disabled and jews students wanted an education, they had to pay for it at a private school. Therefore, many Jewish and disability Students did not go to school
  • The Sterilization Law

    The Sterilization Law made 400,000 Germans were sterilized and anyone with mental disabilities. The government was allowed to do this but they were doing this and it was making it to where 400,000 people couldn’t have children so they were killing off our population so many, many people were affected by this action. This killed almost all people with disabilities.
  • Carl von ossietzky

    Was sent to various concentration camps, arrested for writing about peace anti-war.
  • The Press Censorship Law

    The Press Censorship Law took away the truth of the camps. This meant that the people with disability and jews could not write the truth of the places and would be rewritten by the nazis and make more come to the camps. people who worked for the newspaper were out of work. People in Germany weren’t able to get the real news from the press anymore as only certain things were published. German people.
  • Hitler becomes Fuhrer

    president paul von died. Hitler became president. Hitler got rid of the office and declared himself as the dictator. Hitler could do whatever he wanted to do. Which means that he now can control the people of Germany.
  • Germany invades western Europe

    Germany had launched a surprise invasion of the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, and France. The countries surrendered very quickly. Hundreds of thousands of Jews in Western Europe were under the Nazi's control. This means not only did he control the people with disabilities and kill them he now controlled more!
  • Italy Declares war on Britain and France

    In June of 1940, the Axis side declared war on Great Britain and France. By doing that Italy officially entered world war II. wich kills a bunch of people and now the millions he and the nazis have killed including the people with disability.
  • Wladyslaw Surmaki

    released right away and got arrested again, taken to a forest, and was shot to death.
  • Germany invades Yugoslavia and Greece

    Yugoslavia and Greece were invaded by Germany because Germany wanted more land. But they didn't let them go into their country so that's why Germany invaded them. The people with disabilities now are almost gone Hitler has almost killed them all at the camps or in war.
  • Mass murder at Chelmno

    Chelmno was the first Major killing operation in order to annihilate the Jewish population. Chelmno was also the first location to use gas to mass-murder Jews. At least 172,000 Jews and others were killed here. This is one of the major killing sprees of killing people with disabilities.