The Giver Timeline

  • Andie tured one year old.

    year one
  • Newchildren are given a name and placed in a family unit .

    year one
  • Andie started walking.

  • Twos are given their first solid foods.

    year two
  • Andie was potty trained.

  • Threes are given hair ribbons if they are female.

    year three
  • Andie went to Disney World for the first time.

  • Fours are given back buttoned jackets.

    year four
  • Andie gets her first two wheel bicycle.

  • Fives are given regular cups instead of sippy cups.

    year five
  • Andie's little brother, AJ, was born.

  • Sixes start to go on field trips to other communities.

    year six
  • Andie is continuing to learn proper handwriting.

  • Sevens get a front buttoned jacket.

    year seven
  • Andie rides her bike without training wheels.

  • Eights start volenteer hours and get a jacket with pockets.

  • Andie tries and fails to water ski for the first time.

  • Nines get bicycles, and females lose their hair ribbons.

    year nine
  • Andie and her family move into their new house.

  • Tens get adult haircuts.

  • Andie gets her first cellphone

  • Elevens receive adult clothes.

  • Andie goes deep sea fishing in Marco Island Florida.

  • Twelves get their assignments, and are officially adults.