The Giver Timeline

  • Birth

    Pretending as if a male child were born the same day as myself in Jonas's Utopian society on the day of his birth he would get his number and comfort object.
  • First Haircut

  • Ceremony of One

    Ceremony of One
    Every child get's a name and family.
  • Tricycle

    I got my John Deere trycylce on my second Chrsitmas.
  • Ceremony of 2

    At age two children begin receiving dsicipline from the discipline wand.
  • Ceremony of 3

    Ceremony of 3
    Children start their classes and dream telling after the Ceremony of 3
  • Ceremony of 4

    Ceremony of 4
    Children receive a coat with large buttons in the front.
  • My 1st Bike

    My 1st Bike
  • Ceremony of 5

  • 1st Baseball Game

    1st Baseball Game
    I had my first baseball game when I was 5.
  • Ceremony of 6

  • Ceremony of 7

    Children receive a coat with large buttons in the front symbolizing independce.
  • Ceremony of 8

    Children receive coat with pockets to symbolize the ability to care for their on belongings, volunteer hours, and they lose their comfort object at age eight.
  • 1st Basketball Game

    1st Basketball Game
    I played my first basketball game.
  • My Black Belt

    My Black Belt
    I got my black belt in 2007.
  • My 1st Travel Baseball Game

    My 1st Travel Baseball Game
    I played my first travel baseball game for the Cats.
  • Ceremony of 9

    Ceremony of 9
    Children receive their bikes at age nine.
  • Period: to

    Guitar Lessons

  • Ceremony of 10

    Ceremony of 10
    Male children get distenguished haircuts at age ten.
  • Ceremony of 11

    Ceremony of 11
    Male children receive pockets for calculators on their clothes and are observed freqeuntly for their assignment.
  • Period: to

    The Stirrings

    Children who get The Stirrings have a dream which the government believes to be wrong therefore they begin taking a pill to stop The Stirrings.
  • Ceremony of 12

    Children who are twelve become adults, get a job, and get a new name plate for their bike.