the ghost brigades

  • chap 3 343

    fiction. science fiction 3-51 pages. in the first three chapters they invad an enemy base. They find out that there is going to be a big invation of the humans. the humans know who might be controling tha but dont know where he is and why he wants to do it.
  • ms ghost brigades

    page 51-63 they are geting readty to bring boutins body alive to entaregat hime.
  • the ghost brigades

    chapter6 pg85 to pg114 he and his squade begane there two week training. one of the people he is training with hates him. jared now found some one in his squade the he kind of falls in love with.
  • the ghost brigades

    chapter4 pg 66 in the last chapter butins body was made and came to life. he also got the name jared. the specialforces people started to teach him how to speak using his brain and how to comunicat with other people.
  • the ghost brigades

    chapter 5 pg85 in the last chapter 4 butin learned how to speek to real borns and athers like him. he then was hook up with the rest of his squade and was then hook up to there brains ass well just ass they did allready.
  • the ghost brigades

    from pg 114 to pg121 and officer is reciving jared ass one of her squade mates. she is toledof his back groud and werys about him.
  • the ghost brigades

    from pg 121 to pg 125 she ask one of the prisoners to help her figure out if butins conchesnest will come out and jared will turn trater.
  • the ghost burgades

    pg 125-145jared finaly goes on to his first mission wich is to help out some colanist but find out tht the Rraey killed all of them and begane to bucher the humans.
  • the ghost brigads

    pg 145-190 jared goes on to his 2 mission to kiddnape the Rraeys new queen. he then gets some of butins memmory and the general and scientist are woundering why it is coming out now.