French and indiann warr

The French and Indain War by Jamie

  • Fort Necessity

    Fort Necessity
    It resulted in the surrender of the British, under Colonel George Washington, to the French and Indians.
  • Fort Duquesne

    Fort Duquesne
    English and colonial forces are beat by the French and the Indians.
  • Lake George

    Lake George
    Hendrick and Johnson win at Lake George

    English declare war on French, it is known as the Seven Year War in Europe.
  • Fort Oswego

    Fort Oswego
  • Louisbourg

    It was captured in 1758 by British forces in the Seven Years' War.
  • Frontenac

    The British considered Fort Frontenac to be a strategic threat.
  • Fort Niagara

    Fort Niagara
    Johnson's soldiers and Iroquios capture Fort Niagara.
  • Quebec!

    Montcalm and Wolfe are killed. The English win the battle of Quebec.
  • Montreal French Surrender

    Montreal French Surrender
    With the city surrounded, the French had no other options but to surrender. It ended the last part of the French and Indian War.