Verdun title

The Battle of Verdun

  • The Beginning of the Battle

    The Beginning of the Battle
    The Germans launched their first attack by an artillery barrage. The Germans would fire over 1,000,000 shells of artillery. Germans also deployed 168 aircraft to attack French recon planes. After the bombardment German infantry moved towards the French front line defenses. The artillery obliterated the front line defenses. The Germans also destroyed French telephone communication, which prevented reinforcements.
  • Period: to

    The Battle of Verdun

  • Day 2 of The Battle

    Day 2 of The Battle
    At night the Germans begin there advance again. The artillery barrage starts and German forces use flamethrowers to surprise the French. The Germans kept advancing.
  • The Village of Samoneaux

    The Village of Samoneaux
    German forces on the 3rd day of battle have advanced two miles. They have also captured over 3,000 French prisoners. The Germans as well marched and took over the village of Samoneaux.
  • Breaking the Line

    Breaking the Line
    The French 72nd and 51st divisions had a large number of casualties. They were guarding the line against Herbebois and Meuse but on the 24th the Germans broke the line. 10,000 French were taken, prisoner. During this time there was no trench warfare going on. On the 25th German forces captured Fort Douaumont which was almost empty. The Germans stopped to miles from Verdun.
  • The attack on Mort-Homme

    The attack on Mort-Homme
    During a snow storm German forces launched a assault on Mort-Homme. The attack started with a artillery barrage. 4 French divisions and a 5th reserve were the to defend. French telephone lines were cut and they lost communications. The German 77th Brigade crossed the Meuse. They were supported with a armored train that the French would eventually destroy. The Germans had a good position against the French first line. Regneville and Forges fell to the Germans. The French 67th was captured.
  • Mort-Homme and The Attack On Bois

    Mort-Homme and The Attack On Bois
    On the 7th Mort-Homme was still being attacked by the Germans. They used the Bois de Corbeaux to there advantage which was a forest to the northeast. On the 8th French forces attacked the Bois with fixed bayonets and later it would be back under there control again. Later German forces would have trouble taking Mort-Homme because of intense French artillery.
  • The German Counter Attack

    The German Counter Attack
    German forces counter attack the French. They retake Bois de Carbeaux and kill one of the French leaders. German losses were so high they could not advance any more.
  • Fort Vaux

    Fort Vaux
    Germans attack Fort Vaux on the 11th and are repelled. They attack again on the 15th and all 5 waves failed to capture the fort.
  • Cote 304

    Cote 304
    The Germans try to attack a artillery post called Cote 304. On the 28th German forces capture the village of Malancourt. On the 29th the French attacked Avocourt woods to counter the Germans. Germans fail to capture Cote 304.
  • German Offensive of The Whole Front

    German Offensive of The Whole Front
    Germans attacked all French positions on the front line. The attacks started on the 9th and lasted till 13th. The Germans gained land but not a lot to make a difference. The rain stopped all movement for the remainder of April.
  • The Final Assault of Cote 304

    The Final Assault of Cote 304
    German artillery bombarded Cote 304 on May 3rd. It continued for 2 days. Men at Cote were buried alive because of the artillery. French soldiers at Cote could not get any reinforcements or supplies. After making it to the summit of Cote 304 men engaged in close quarters combat for 3 more days. The Germans finally captured Cote 304
  • The French Assault of Fort Douaumont

    The French Assault of Fort Douaumont
    On the 22nd the French attacked Fort Douaumont. For the next 5 days French forces would attack. 3/4 of the fort was taken by the French but were forced to retreat after German reinforcements arrived.
  • The 2nd Attack of Fort Vaux

    The 2nd Attack of Fort Vaux
    After 3 months the Germans took over Fort Vaux. Artillery bombardments and gas against the fort. 600 prisoners were captured.
  • The Somme

    The Somme
    On the 24th The Battle of the Somme begin which moved German some German forces and guns out of Verdun. This took supplies away from the Germans and made it easier to defend for French.
  • No Ground

    No Ground
    Both German and French forces during most of July make no ground. Artillery strikes do most of the work as they are used to soften the enemy. Germans are very close to Verdun.
  • Casualties From February to July

    Casualties From February to July
    French lost 275,000 men and German lost 250,000 men.
  • Fleury

    On the 18th the French took Fleury. French moral in August was a all time high. Moral for the Germans though was very low.
  • Tavannes Railway

    Tavannes Railway
    The French were using Tavannes railway tunnel as a barracks during Verdun. On September 4th a fire broke out which lit the ammunition and exploded the tunnel. The men who ran out the tunnel were hit with shell fire. Over 500 men died.
  • German Movements

    German Movements
    German Officers called off all offensive movements. The Germans do not have as much supplies so they are now more defensive.
  • The French Take Douaumont

    The French Take Douaumont
    The assault for Fort Douaumont started on October 19th when French forces used 400mm guns on the fort. The bombardment had lasted for several days. During the cover of darkness the Germans withdrew from the fort. On the 24th German soldiers returned to defend the fort. The French attacked the fort while using the mist as cover. later that day the french captured Fort Douaumont.
  • French Take Fort Vaux

    French Take Fort Vaux
    On the 1st German soldier abandon fort Vaux because of lack of supplies. Days later on the 3rd the French arrive at the outskirts of the fort and on the 5th they control Fort Vaux.
  • The End of The Battle

    The End of The Battle
    The French fired over 1,000,000 shells at the Germans and on the 15th they attacked with 8 divisions. The artillery destroyed the front line of the Germans and wiped out half of there forces. The French would later capture Vacherauville and Louvemont. They captured over 11,000 men. The counter offensive on the 18th and so did the battle of Verdun. Over 600,000 died in this battle.