4 the haitian revolution

From Slavery to Freedom

  • Bastille is Stormed

    Bastille is Stormed
    The Bastille fortress in Paris is stormed and taken by the people of Paris. It is a turning point in the French Revolution
  • Demand for Equal rights

    A mixed race delegation asks Saint Domingue whites for equal rights and is refused
  • Constituent Assembly Debate

    Constituent Assembly Debate
    in April The Constituent Assembly in Paris debates the rights of the Mixed Race people and decides that every mixed race person with 2 free parents should be given the right to vote. This concern only 400 people in Saint Domingue
  • French Soldiers !

    French Soldiers !
    In March 2 regiments of French soldiers are sent to help the governor to maintain order. The soldiers sides with the mixed race group and the African slaves, telling them that all men are equal and free
  • Dutty Boukman

    Dutty Boukman
    Dutty Boukman, a Vodun Priest in the Caiman wood ceremony encourages thousands of slaves to revolt. Slave gangs starts to murder their masters and set fire to Plantations. They take control of the countryside but not the capital.
  • Toussaint Joins the Revolution

    Toussaint Joins the Revolution
    In September Toussaint L'Ouverture joins the fight for the Revolution
  • The concordat

    The concordat
    An agreement is signed between the Royalist commander, the rich whites and the mixed race group. The terms are : full equal rights for all the mixed race. Two bataillon of soldiers to be raised from the mixed race group.
    Vincent Ogé, a French aristocrat of mixed descent who instigated a rebellion against white colonial authority in French Saint-Domingue that lasted from October to December 1790 in the area outside Cap-Français, was also to be made a Hero
  • Unity

    The leaders of the white and the mixed races groups march arms in arms through the capital Port au Prince with their troops
  • Fire !

    Fire !
    A member of the mixed race group is hanged by some whites. This incident provoke fights in the streets and a fire breaks out. At the end of the day 2/3 of Port au Prince is burned to the ground.
  • Negotiations

    3 commissioners form the National Assembly arrive in St Domingue to restore order. They meet with leader Jean Francois who agrees to lead his followers back to slavery if 400 leaders of the revolt are given their freedom.The delegates refuse so Toussaint offers to reduce the number to 60 which is also refused. Toussaint decides to continue the fighting until every person on the island is free
  • French law

    French law
    A French degree giving the mixed race people equal rights with the white French people is voted and approved in Paris
  • France sends troops

    3 new commissioners arrive from France to suppress the Revolt with 6000 soldiers and 15 ships
  • King Louis is executed

    King Louis is executed
    King Louis XVI is executed
  • Spain gets involved

    Spain gets involved
    The Spanish authorities offer the slaves an alliance against the French government. Jean Francois and Biassou are made generals and Toussaint colonel
  • Slavery Abolished

    One of the commissioners informs the population of Saint Domingue that Slavery has been abolished by France, but it is not enough to stop the Revolution
  • Britain joins the fight

    Britain joins the fight
    The British lands forces in Saint Domingue to help suppress the Slave Revolt
  • Toussaint wins

    Toussaint gains some major successes in reducing garrisons. Enemy troops joins his cause including white soldiers
  • British takes control

    The British take control of the seaboard of Port au Prince, the West and most of the South
  • Period: to

    Toussaint Joins the French

    Toussaint decides to join the French and with 4000 soldiers he attacks Jean Francois and Biassou and retakes the North from the Spanish
  • General Toussaint

    General Toussaint
    Toussaint l'Ouverture is made general by the French government
  • Britain retires

    in November 1798 the British sign a treaty with Toussaint who had been nominated governor of the island by the French government since 2nd May 1797
  • Napoleon send troops

    Napoleon send troops
    Napoleon sends 20 000 troops to Saint Domingue under the command of General Leclerc (his brother in law) to overthrow Toussaint and restore slavery in the colony
  • Period: to

    French Loses

    Around 5 000 French soldiers are killed and 5 000 hospitalised
  • Toussaint's Offer

    Toussaint sends a letter to General Leclerc but addressed to Napoleon offering a truce. Conditions were freedom for all blacks in Saint-Domingue and for Toussaint and his staff to keep their rank and functions
  • Leclerc's views

    Leclerc's views
    Leclerc sends a letter claiming "General Toussaint has surrendered here. He left perfectly satisfied with me and ready to carry out my orders
  • Toussaint wins

    Toussaint wins
    Toussaint rides victoriously into the city of Le Cap with his staff and his cavalry accompanied by general Hardy. Dessalines joins them a few days later
  • Yellow fever

    General Leclerc sends a letter to the ministry of the marine asking for 10 000 troops because 30-50 soldiers die every day from yellow fever
  • Toussaint betrayed !

    Toussaint betrayed !
    General Brunet request a meeting with Toussaint. At the meeting, Toussaint is arrested. French soldiers loot and burn his house and his plantations. Along with his wife, son and niece he is put on a ship and carried to a prison in France
  • Toussaint in Prison

    Toussaint is imprisoned in the Fort de Joux in the Jura mountains in France
  • I need more soldiers

    General Leclerc sends a letter to Paris saying "San Domingo is lost to France if I have not received on the 16th January 10 000 men who must all come at the same time"
  • Leclerc dies

    Leclerc dies
    Leclerc dies from yellow fever. Of the total of 34 000 soldiers who had come to Saint Domingue, around 24 000 are dead and 8 000 in the hospital.
    General Rochambeau takes over and obtain and additional 10 000 troops
  • Rochambeau's Letter

    Rochambeau's Letter
    Rochambeau sends a letter to Paris asking permission to restore slavery in the colony. His army attack the mixed race groups and kills Hundreds
  • Revolt

    The mixed race joins the revolt against the French
    Rochambeau get 10 000 new soldiers from France
  • Toussaint dies

    Toussaint dies in prison aged 57
  • Final assault

    Final assault
    Blacks and mixed races under Dessalines attack Le Cap. Rochambeau decides to evacuate the Island
  • Rochambeau surrenders

    Rochambeau surrenders
    The general surrenders to the British after leaving Saint Domingue
  • Declaration of Independence

    Declaration of Independence
    A Declaration of Independence is officially read. The colony is renamed Haiti which was its native american name
  • Emperor

    Dessalines declares himself emperor of Haiti
  • Massacre

    All the white population of Haiti is massacred on the orders of Dessalines