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Mauritius and Sénégal

  • 900

    First Discovered

    This was discovered way before it even got created fully. This discovery was made my Arabs in the 10th century.
  • 1500


    Magnificent saga Indian Ocean paradise until discovered in early 16th century. Earths last Eden.
  • 1500


    Traders made contact with coastal kingdoms and became first in a long line of interested foreigners.
  • 1500

    Discovery video

  • 1507

    Visit of Portuguese explorer Diego Fernandes Pereira

    Visit of Portuguese explorer Diego Fernandes Pereira
    Came while pioneering new route to East Indies, named it Ilha de Cerne (Island of the swan)
  • Dutch settlements

    The Dutch settled here and that gave the introduction to sugar canes; they lived off sugar cane trading and stuff like that. Sugar is the life blood of The island. Slaves were imported and the Dutch gave it its original name.
  • Dodo birds RIP

    Dodo birds RIP
    Dutch east India killed the Dodo birds.
  • Dodo birds video

  • Mauritius in French hands

    Mauritius in French hands
    The Dutch completely abandoned the island and it fell into the French’s hands. Aristocratic government, governed by Bertrand Labourdonnais
  • Why is French spoken?

    When the Island fell into the French hands, the greatest social status language is French. Then more languages started being in this Island. English, French, Mauritian Creole, French based Creole; ethnic languages are a lot too. Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Mayalam, Marathi, Urdu, and Mandarin.
  • Dutch abandon island completely

  • Economy

    Established plantation economy of sugar canes.
  • Senegal

    Whole Senegal got taken over by French
  • Nepoleonic War

    Nepoleonic War
    It was around the Indian ocean and Atlantic Ocean. Also Europe and north amaerica, as well as other seas. All about various conflicts between French to be exchanged five conflicts.
  • Captured Island.

    The British captured the Island during the Napoleonic Wars, because of the Treaty of Paris.
  • End of war

  • Cheerful Jumble!

    Post Louis the capital of Mauritius became a cheerful jumble of French, Chinese, Creole, and Hindi spoken and and shoppers and traders. Which led to the 20th century’s melting pot!
  • Senegal

    French deputy in French parliament got elected.
  • Mark Twain visit

    Mark Twain visit
    He described Mauritius as heaven, saying “heaven was copied after Mauritius”
  • Melting pot

    Melting pot
    Island was made into a cultural melting pot. Many different mix of cultures
  • Religion

    Mauritius has religions Hinduism (49%) Christianity (33%) Islam (17%) Buddhism (.18%)
  • Senegal

    First African deputy Blaise Diagne got elected.
  • Period: to


    Mauritius played an important roll in this war, because British had a naval base here. They checked anti submarine and convoy operations. Also signal collections
  • Senegal

    Joined French Sudan form federation with Mali
  • Senegal

    Independence from France
  • Senegal

    Independence from Mali federation
  • The Sega dance creation

    The Sega dance creation
    This dance was made by African slaves during the French colonial period. It became popular in the 1960’s. They wear colorful skirts, colorful make up, and graceful movements, a lot of hip moves. There’s drums playing while dancing.
  • The ratification of the constitution

    The ratification of the constitution
    The constitution of Mauritius is very similar to the constitution of the U.S. The three inalienable rights though are life, liberty, and security.
  • Senegal

    Abdou Diouf got elected as president
  • Senegal

    Incident on Mauritanian border leading to riots and deportations.
  • Senegal

    Made government paranoid by civic unrest. Opposition leader, Abdoulaye Wade got arrested charged by sedition.
  • Senegal

    Abdoulaye Wade becomes the former president
  • Senegal

    Huge tragedy the MS Joola, a ferry connecting to Dakar and Casamance capsized due to dangerous overload killing 2000 people.
  • Bank of Mauritius best central bank governance

    Bank of Mauritius best central bank governance
    This bank promotes and maintains monetary and financial stability
  • Video of Bank

  • Mauritius present day video