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7E Perspectives on Canadian History #12, 18, 20, 22

By 1303094
  • Jan 10, 1400

    Slik Road

    Slik Road
    For Centuries, the countries of Euorpe and Asia traded with one another. France, England, Spain, Portugal, and the Neatherlands looked to India. China, Japan, and Indonesia to obtian spices, tea, slik, porecelian, and precious gems. To bring these goods home, the Europeans travelled a route know as the Slik Road. French: British: First nations First Nations
  • Oct 12, 1492

    Colombus lands in America

    In 1492 Christopher Columbus sailed from spain arcross the Atlantic Ocean in 1492. When he arrived in Noth America he mistakenly though he had reached India. He had called the indigenous people he met Indians rather than asking them what they call themselves. First Nations:Who are these strange people who came out of the giant canoes? French: We must now follow Spains example and send explorers to the new world. British:
  • Jul 5, 1534

    Jacques Cartier arrives in America

    Jacques Cartier arrives in America
    Jacques Cartier is a french sea capitian. In 1534 Cartier set out arcross the alantic with two ship. After 20 days at sea he arrived of the coast of Newfoundland.He claimed that you could catch fish by dipping a bucket in the water.
    First Nation: Who are these people taking all our fish? French:Cartier has done a great deed to France and we hope he will not mess this up. English: The French have reported miraculas things. Now we MUST go to the new world.
  • Feb 4, 1536

    Cartier Takes 9 villigers and Donocona

    Cartier Takes 9 villigers and Donocona
    Cartier takes 9 Haudenasaunee villigers and Donacona to Europe and only three return with only three. Haudenasaune: How dare they take nine of our villigers and claim that they loved it there and decided to stay! . And to top it off they lied about it. English: Yes! The french really messed this one up. Now it will be easier to befriend them and get them to give us furs! French: We really messed up this time but there are still many First Nations to persuade.
  • Coureurs de bois start going out

    Coureurs de bois start going out
    The Coureurs de bois wre a unqie group called the runners of the wood. The Coureurs de bois married the first nation momen and became metis.
    First Nations: The Coureurs de bois are coming out to us and are making it easier to trade for goods. French: Our men are going out into the woods and trading with the first nations and creating bonds. English: We must'nt stay put in our forts the french are intercepting the first nations before they get to us.
  • Ruperts Land charter granted

    Ruperts Land charter granted
    In 1670 King charles the second of england granted a monopoly to the hudson bay company. The monopoly was to cover all trhe lands drained by the rivers that flowed in the Hudson Bay. It consisted of most of what is now Western and northean Canada.
    First Nations: We are happy that we can trade more furs but they are building on our traditional land.
    French: The English have gotten alot more land. That will make it harder to trade furs. English: We have alot more land so now it is easier to trade
  • Henery Kelsey lives with the first Nations

    Henery Kelsey lives with the first Nations
    Henery Kelsey was a peson who worked for the hudson Bay Company. In 1690 he left his trading post.His goal was to convince the aborginal people to trade partners with the british.

    First Nations: That Henry Kelsey man he is a very nice man. He is one of the only english people to come out and live with us.
    French: All they are doing is what the coureurs de bois have been doing all along. English: Kelsey is doing a great service and creating stronger bonds with the aboriginals.
  • 13 Colonies established

    13 Colonies established
    Eventually, colonies from britian created 13 seprated colonies from the eastern part of Untied States. Today the colony is knowed as New England. Each colony had there own social structure, religous groups, and type of goverment.
  • The Great Peace of Montreal

    The Great Peace of Montreal
    It was a treaty that stated that the first nations would cease fire so the fur trade could go on. First Nation: Now we can go on with the fur trade and get more goods. French: Now that we have signed the treaty we can go on and get more furs for France. English: Shoot! The French were so preocupied with the wars we could get ALL the furs. But now that there is peace the french will resume the fur trade.
  • The Treaty of Utrecht

    The Treaty of Utrecht
    When the treaty was signed the french were able to keep the fortress of Louisbourg while giving up any claims to Acadia which the british renamed nova scotia where they later deported all the acadians.
  • Period: to

    Seven Years War

  • The Great Deporatation

    In 1755 Governer Lawerence was convinced that the British newcomers in nova scotia would not be safe with the Acadians living amoung them. He though he found proof of this when the British troops capture forts Beausejour from the french in 1755.
  • Capturing Louisbourg

  • Plains Of Abraham

    There were two country were at war. The French and the British. What happen was the French and the brish wanted to take over each other. Two high people that were at war was wolfe British and Montcalm French Comander. Since they were still at war wolfe decided to have a surprise attack on the French. on September 13 1759 as dawn struck the British attack. For about 15 minutes the french could not fight any more and they gave up there land.
  • The Treaty of Paris

    The Treaty of Paris
    In 1763 on February 10 a great Britain and france signed the treaty of paris under the treaty France gave up any claims to North America France revived Guadeloupe the only part of new france still in the hands of the french were the tiny islands of St. Pierre and miquellon.
  • The Treaty of Paris

    Finally in 1763 France and Braitian signed the Treaty of Paris ending the conflict. Under the treaty France gave up any claim to Quebecor any other part in North America. In return France recivied Guadeloupe a sugar produncing island in the Carribean.
  • The Royal Proclamtion

    The Royal Proclamtion
    The British did not want to evict the Canadians from the home. However they did want to assiThe October of 1763 king George the 3rd of England signed the royal proclamation of 1763 which layed out the british government plans for the colony. It was an attempt to assimilate the french colonists into british subjects.
  • Quebec Act

    Meanwhile in the Thirtheen Colonies the colonists were becoming restless under the British rule. The British did not want trouble in Quebec as well. They nedded to keep the colony loyal. They decided the best way to do what was right that had been taken from the Proclamtion.
  • Sir John Franklin's ships disappear

    Sir John Franklin's ships disappear
    In 1845 ships disapperd while searching for a a passage through the northwest through the artic. One of the most famous English sea capitians named Sir John Franklin. With the help of the Inuit the English found the missing ship frozen and crushed in a sea of ice. First Nations~ We are terribly sorry for Franklin's loss English~ There were many men aboard those ships and we could've used them in the fur trade. French~ The English will be pulled back in the fur trade.