H.A.L.F. Revolutions

  • American: French and indian war

    The French and Indian War, a colonial extension of the Seven Years War that ravaged Europe from 1756 to 1763, was the bloodiest American war in the 18th century. It took more lives than the American Revolution, involved people on three continents, including the Caribbean. The war was the product of an imperial struggle, a clash between the French and English over colonial territory and wealth. Within these global forces, the war can also be seen as a product of the localized rivalry between Brit
  • American: The sugar act

    In 1764 Parliament passed the Sugar Act, with the goal of raising 100,000 pounds. The end of colonial exemption from revenue-raisingtaxation.
  • American: The stamp act congress

    The Stamp Act Congress was held on October 19, 1765 in New York City.
  • American: Townshend act

    The 1767 Townshend Acts were laws that created taxes on colonial imports of paper, glass, lead and tea exported from Britain.
  • American: The Boston Massacre

    The rebel rousers on the colonial side had been trying for sometime to incite the people to rally for a war against the British. The British officers knowing this tried their best to avoid confrontation. It is believed that a few colonials incited a riot against a few British soldiers and shots were fired. The British soldiers were defended in court by Adams and were acquitted
  • Haitian: What caused the Haitian Revolution?

    The French Revolution of In France caused The Haitian Revolution of 1791.Many people were dissatisfied with the France, which caused many alliances with friends and enemies.
  • French: The tennis court oath

    Members from the third estate refuse to vote on a law that wont pass making the higher estates pay taxes. This ultimatley starts the French Revolution when the third estate revels and fefuses to vote,
  • French: Storming of the Bastille

    The first big rebellion of the commoners on France. They break into the bastille and steal all of the weapons in the prison and bring terror to all fo france. This leads to the Reign of Terror on all fo France.
  • French: Declaration of Rights of Man

    The assembly issues their version for the Declatration of Independece to France. This is their first real form of a Constitution in France. It ultimately fails, but gives some hope to the people of France
  • French: Reign of Terror

    The reign of Terror officially begins. Thousands of people are killed during this time. The king and queen try to escape France, but are caught and killed.
  • Haitian: “all the proprietors ought to be active citizens” amendment

    On March 28, 1790 the General Assembly in Paris passed an amendment that stated “all the proprietors... ought to be active citizens”. Which excluded the petit blancs because most of them did not own property, causing anger against the free persons of color but most of them owned property.
  • Haitian: Creole and African slave pact

    In August of 1791, slaves in the North Province created a big conspiracy. Creole slaves made a pact with new African slaves and the Voodoo priest, Boukman led the conspiracy.
  • Haitian: Slaves attack caucasians by Cape Francois

    Maroons and slaves assaulted on the whites on the evening of August 21st because Oge and Chavannes had tried to get the General Assembly to persuade that citizenship included the free persons of color but Oge and Chavannes forces were badly beaten, many of their tiny band of 300 captured and and Oge and Chavannes were murdered. The whole northern area by Cape Francois was in flames. On September 20, 1791 the Colonial Assembly recognized the citizenship of all free people of color.
  • French: Napolean defets Directory

    This is when Napolean officially takes over France and ends the French Revolution. Napolean ruled with a strong dictatorship, but kept France Stable. The first time in France in ten years that the nation is stable.
  • Haitian: Declaring independence of Hati

    In 1803 France had surrendered on third of the island to the Haitians and in 1804 Dessalines who led the indigenous army, and his generals had proclaimed that Saint-Domingue was now an independent nation and was now called Haiti. When Haiti finally signed a treaty with France in 1825, the major plantations were no longer in use. The Haitian soceity was divided into which were the ex-slaves had now become peasants and administrive, commercial, and military elites who lived in coastal cities.
  • Latin: Mexican Rebolution War was started

    The Mexican Revolution War was started on this date by Miguel Hidalgo Y Costilla. He was a priest and ith supporters he captured many places in mexico. He was stopped and captured in mexico City.
  • Latin: Battle of Monte de las Cruces

    This was a very important and big battle that was won by the Mexcian rebels. This fight was led by Miguel Hidalgo.
  • Latin: Jose Maria Morelos's Death

    Jose Maria Morelos took over the struggle for independence after the death of Miguel Hidalgo Y Costilla. He wrote the declaration of independence. He was put to death by a firing squad after being captured.
  • Latin: Treaty Of Cordoba is signed

    The Spanish King and Iturbe signed the Treaty of Cordoba(Declaration of independence).
  • Latin: Iturbide becomes Emperor

    Iturbide is elected emperor of mexico.