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The Evolution of Justin Bieber's Career

  • First Youtube Video Ever

    First Youtube Video Ever
    Justin Biebers mom Pattie uploaded videos of Justin singing to Youtube so that distant relatives could see.
  • Found on Youtube by now manager Scooter Braun

    Found on Youtube by now manager Scooter Braun
    Shortly after the videos of Justin were posted by Justins Mother, Scooter got in touch with his mom and told her that he was an up and coming manager and would love to meet her son
  • Bieber signs with Scooter and Usher

    Bieber signs with Scooter and Usher
    In 2008 Justin signs with both Scooter and Usher at Raymond Braun Media Group
  • Justin Biebers First Single and Music Video were Released

    Justin Biebers First Single and Music Video were Released
    One Time Justin Biebers first single and music video was released to the world.
  • First Album Released

    First Album Released
    In November, Justins first album "My World" was released.
  • Second Album Released

    Second Album Released
    In January of 2010, "My World 2.0" was released
  • First World Tour

    First World Tour
    In June of 2010 Justin Bieber kicked off his first world tour. With opening acts such as Sean Kingston, Jessica Jarrell, and Mindless Behavior
  • Never Say Never The Movie

    Never Say Never The Movie
    In February of 2011, Justins first movie ever was released in theaters.
  • Christmas Album was Released

    Christmas Album was Released
    In November of 2011, Justins first ever and only Christmas album was released
  • Believe Album

    Believe Album
    In June of 2012, Believe Justins third album was released with features from artists such as Drake, Nicki Minaj, Big Sean, and Ludacris
  • Believe Tour Begins

    Believe Tour Begins
    Justin Biebers Believe World Tour began in September in Arizona
  • Believe Acoustic Album was Released

    Believe Acoustic Album was Released
    In January of 2013 Believe acoustic was released
  • Journals Album was Released

    Journals Album was Released
    On December 23rd, 2013 Justin Biebers Journals album was released after weeks of "Music Mondays" where he would release a new single each Monday
  • Believe Movie was Released

    Believe Movie was Released
    On Christmas, Justin Bieber's Believe Movie was released where he talks about heartbreak, tour and more.
  • Purpose Album Released

    Purpose Album Released
    In November of 2015, Justin Bieber released his Purpose Album with features from Diplo, Travis Scott, and Halsey
  • Purpose Tour

    Purpose Tour
    The Purpose World Tour kicked off in March of 2016. Some dates were cancelled due to his mental health.
  • Youtube Documentary was Released

    Youtube Documentary was Released
    Bieber started a youtube documentary about the rough times he had throughout his fame and about his marriage to Haley Bieber.
  • Changes Album was released

    Changes Album was released
    Justins Album Changes was released in February of 2020, this was his first album in five years
  • Justice Album Released

    Bieber released Justice in March of 2021 almost a year after his changes album. With features from Lil Uzi Vert, Tori Kelly, The Kid Lorai, Khalid and Jaden Smith.