Le souper des philosophes

The Enlightenment

  • Definitions of the Age of Reason

    Definitions of the Age of Reason
    SALON: a place where people could eat, drink, and talk (like a coffee shop)
    PHILOSOPHES: a fancy word for philosopher: a person who has view on ethics, logic, etc.
    THE ENLIGHTENMENT: a period of time in which philosophers thought rason could be the solution to human problems
    ENLIGHTENED DESPOTS: form of an absolute monarchy
  • Thomas Hobbs

    Thomas Hobbs
    In 1651 Thomas Hobbs Published the Leviathan which influenced the U.S Constitution. Hobbs believed that if their was social and political order people could live in peace. He thought people needed to be odebient. He made people question the selfishness of men and society, how people worked, etc.
  • John Locke

    John Locke
    John Locke was a philosopher in Oxford. He published the Two Treaties of Government in 1689. He believed that when people were born, they were good people but their experiences are what made them into what they are as they grow up. He also believed that people had the right to provide for themselves and he influenced The Declaration of Independence.
  • Voltaire

    Voltaire's famous work Candide is published. He was an influence because he opened up the minds of the people by making fun of the Catholic Church. Voltaire believed Church should be seperated from state.
  • Jean Jacques Rousseau

    Jean Jacques Rousseau
    In 1762, The Social Contract by Jean was published. Jean believed strong governments ruined human liberties. He influenced the people by stating that the government was toying with their human liberties and that they should do something about it. Also he influenced the U.S. Bill of Rights.