The Diary of Samuel Sewall

  • Meeting House

    I arrived in Salem at the meeting house today. The people that were accused of witchcraft were being examined. I thought that it was awful to see how agitated the accused were.
  • Execution at Salem

    Today, George Burroughs, John Willard, John Proctor, Martha Carrier, and George Jacobs were executed. All of the spectators said that they were innocent. Mr. Mathers thought that they all died by a righteous sentence.
  • Dorcas Hoar

    Today a petition is sent to town on behalf of Dorcas Hoar. An order is sent to the sheriff to forbear her execution. This is the first condemned person who has confessed.
  • Publishing witch trials

    Today, William Stoughton, John Hathorne, Cotton Mather, John Higginson, and my brother were all at my house to talk about pubishing some of the witch trials. Mr. Stoughton went away and left us all. It then got very dark and rainy.
  • Prayer

    Tonight I prayed to God so the he may pardon my sins and direct me to the future. I also asked if he may bless the assembly in the debates and choose the correct judges. I also prayed for him to save New England.