The Development of Labor Unions

  • the national trades union

    was the first national union
  • commonwealth V. hunt

    the massachusetts court ruled that the union labor were legal
  • knights of labor

    founded by uriah stephens, groups og women skilled unskiled and black immagrants ect.... they have won several protest
  • american federation of labor (AFO)

    founded by Samuel Gompers , organized skilled workers by crafts. they faught for higher wages, shorter hours, and improved working conditions throught collective bargining
  • united mine workers

    founded to improve wages and working conditions for coal mine workers
  • the homestead strike

    they became violent when the steel company hired private police to protect the strike breakers by the end nine strikers, and seven police were killed.
  • american railway union

    firemen eugene and debs
  • american railway union

    firemen eugene and debs founded this
  • pullman company

    went on strike because their wages had been cut. out of sympathy for the workers conductors and engineers refuse to work wit pullman trains.
  • the international workers of the world

    they were unskilled workers and immigrants, advocated one large national one large national union that would use strikes and sabotage to achive its goal.
  • clayton act

    allowed and limited the use of injunctions in labor disputes
  • clayton act

    allowed picketing and limited the use of injunction in labor disputes
  • national relations act

    protected the rights of workers to organize and elect representatives for collective bargining.
  • fair labor standards act

    established a miminum wage (25$/hour) and time and a half for over 40 hours of a work week
  • fair labor act

    prohibited child labor
  • fair labor act

    prohibited child labor
  • AFL, CIO

    the AFO, and CIO both merged in 1955