The Cruel Prince and Macbeth

Timeline created by bazepeda
  • Ch. 1-5

    We know that jude's parents were slaughtered by Madoc and she now lives in faerie with her sisters. She begins to feel the sense of being powerless and less beautiful than the faeries. She wants to become like them, in that sense, and what feeds that is her initial hatred towards Cardan and his friends.
  • Ch. 6-10

    Four things happened: Taryn and Jude were thrown into the mud, Vivi, Taryn and Jude go to the human world, the Summer Tournament happens and she meets Prince Dain. These events in particular are important because it tells us a lot about Jude. Despite her hatred for how the faeries treat her, she loves the magic and the food. We know this because of her two week visit to the human world. However, her desire for power can be speculated by the deal Jude made with Prince Dain; not to be controled.
  • Ch. 11-15

    After making an agreement with Prince Dainb, Jude is wanting to prove that she can be a reliable source to Dain. She is then on a mission to see what plans Balekin has that can interfere with Dain's rise to the thrown and on her quest, she finds out that Cardan gets beaten by Balekin. This startles Jude and now she knows why Cardan is the way he is towards Jude. But right now that's the least of her worries because she is still trying to gain Dain's trust with this mission.
  • Ch.16-20

    This is where Jude endangers Dain’s plans by stabbing Valerian and luckily for jude, she didn’t get caught. This scene demonstrates Jude’s search for power. She does what Prince Dains ordains because once he is on the throne she will get power and protection. Those two things is what she wants and the way she said she hated him, when he was punishing her, and at the same time she wasn’t hesitant. That demonstrates her surge for power.
  • Ch. 21-25

    Jude captures Cardan. Jude and Taryn fight. Finally Jude finds out why Cardan hates him. At this point Jude has reached the climax, she doesn't have to prove Dain that she is worth the power because he is dead and she already lost Locke. And finally, all the suspense of why Cardan hates her is revealed and Jude doesn't want to believe the fact that he gets beaten and likes her, but yet again, Faeries don't lie. You can see that the Tragic Hero is shown by the misfortunate occurence to Jude.