The Computer

Timeline created by lauangel
  • The differential analyzer

    The differential analyzer
    in the 1930s vannevar brush built the first analog computer I call differential analyzer
  • IBM

    In 1935, IBM selling an electric typewriter (the 601) that also serverd as a calculator based on punch cards
  • Atanasoff

    Some time ahead (1937), in the US, John Atanasoff and George Stibbitz (of the Bell Labs) begin to design digital electromechanical calculators based on relays. Atanasoff's computer was very advanced for the time
  • The Computer Harvard

    The Computer Harvard
    The first computer built by Aiken was the Harvard Mark and (also called IBM ASSC) it was finished just in 1944. This computer had devices to store and operate number that were loaded during a calculation or that were results of previous operations.
  • The Mantac

    The Mantac
    In 1949, the laboratory of Los Alamos, the MANTAC I computer began to be built, which ended in March 1952. This computer had an auxiliary drum of 10.000 words of bits in parallel

    In 1957 EDSAC 2 was operational. It was a computer with 1024 40-bit words, with two orders per word. It was made with valves, and the memory used ferrite cores
  • The Model of The Ibm 360 Computer

    The Model of The Ibm 360 Computer
    the model of the ibm 360 computer appears ibm had built a version with transistors of 709,called 7090, and later 7094
  • The 4-bit 4004 microprocessor

    The 4-bit 4004 microprocessor
    in 1971,intel manufactured the 4-bit microprocessor 4004, the first computer on a single chip
  • The Altair

    The Altair
    in 1975, the first personal computer, the Altair 8800, appears in the popular electronics magazine, explaining how to build it Also in that year, IBM indroduces the first laser printer
  • The IBM-PC

    The IBM-PC
    The IBM-PC open architecture computer was launched in 1981, and a year later the first "clone" of this computer was produced
  • The computer interpersonal

     The computer interpersonal
    in 1990, the NeXTstation workstation computer went on sale, for "interpersonal" computing, as Steve Jobs describe it
  • BeBox

    in 1995, Be Inc. launched the BeBox computer, a dual powerPc 603 processor running at 66 MHz, and subsequently at 133 MHz With the Beos Operating System
  • Blackberry rim 850

    Blackberry rim 850
    Blackberry Rim 850, launches the first beeper model
  • Surface Pro 4

    Surface Pro 4
    Microsoft presses the surface pro 4 along with
    surface book first notebook made by microsoft